Tips for Designing an Effective Landing Page


There aren’t many industries that haven’t shifted their marketing campaigns online. Landing pages help businesses craft effective digital marketing strategies to promote their products and services. They are also a crucial element of whether they are successful with Google advertising. In fact, landing pages are an important part of the entire design development process as they aim to attract and push prospects further down the conversion funnel. In other words, getting a landing page design right is extremely important. To help you get started with creating a landing page that converts, we have written this article to share our top tips with you. The more of them you can include on your landing page, the more conversions you will generate when the page goes live. 

Write a Captivating Headline
The headline of your landing page will be the first thing that your prospects see. So, you need to make it as powerful and captivating as possible. Make a good first impression with your headline and users will stay on the landing page and explore it further. Make a bad one, and they will instantly leave. It really is as simple as that. 

Align Your Product Offering With Your Ideal Prospects
The most important factor that affects conversion rates is alignment. Your product offering must align with your target audience’s needs as closely as possible. If they need your offer, then your conversion rate will be low. 

Keep Your Ad Copy and Headline The Same 
If the copy on your PPC ad doesn’t match the headline on your landing page, then your visitors will get confused and instantly leave. The ad copy needs to be exactly the same as the headline to avoid such confusion. It will improve your bounce rate and improve your ad quality score. 

Create a Persuasive Call-to-Action
The call-to-action on your landing page is the second biggest opportunity to improve your conversion rate (the first being the headline). When crafting your copy for the call-to-action, try to use words that indicate value such as ‘get my free trial’ instead of words that indicate an action such as ‘submit now’. 

Communicate The Value of Your Offering
If your product offering is well aligned with your prospects, then they will see value in it. The copy on the landing page must communicate that value so they can see how your product will help them. This value will create desire, and this desire will lead to more prospects converting. 

Give Visitors Enough Information
Too much content could cause your prospects to leave, while too little won’t convince them to take action. How much information you provide them depends on the complexity of your offer and the desired business action you want them to take. Complex products will require more information, while simple products need less. 

Ask for Minimal Information
The longer a lead capture form is, the lower your landing page’s conversion rate is going to be. While it’s handy to collect as much information as possible, if all you need is a phone number, then that’s all you need to keep your conversion rate high. 

Include Elements of Trust 
Before your prospects click on your call-to-action, they have to trust you. That’s why landing pages that convert visitors include a range of trust-builders including testimonials, reviews, security badges, success stories, and third party certifications etc. 

Make Sure The Page is Responsive 
If your prospects can’t easily view and interact with your landing page then it’s highly unlikely that they’ll convert. A landing page that doesn’t respond to the type of device that a visitor using will cost you leads and potential sales. When investing in your landing page’s design, make sure that it is fully responsive and looks good on any device. 

Address Anxiety 
Addressing your prospect’s anxiety and reassuring them before they have time to worry is something that will further increase your conversion rates. It helps to build trust, which makes them more likely to convert. One way of doing so is by including an FAQ section.

Test and Then Test Again
Lastly, the best way to ensure that your landing page converts your prospects is to test it over and over again. Using A/B tests or split tests will demonstrate how one small change can affect your conversion rate. These tests will allow you to refine and polish your landing page until it works as hard as possible.