10 Must-have Social Media Tools to Save Your Time


There is no rocket science to building a toolbox for everyday tasks, but it is getting increasingly more difficult to choose valuable tools that will stay with your team for longer. Selecting tools that will be reliable and won’t cost a small fortune can take you a moment. For some marketers this is off-putting, so they still do some of the tedious tasks manually, losing their potential and a lot of time. What social media tools should marketers choose to make their work even more effective?

Managing social media in the right way

Each and every marketer should invest in some social media tools. One of them should be social media management tools that can support everyday processes of scheduling content across social media platforms, but not only that. Many of those tools help with community management and reporting too, so you can build up a whole suite for social media. If you are looking for such a tool, Napoleoncat.com can help bring your social media management back on track.

You should also take a look at some social media listening tools. While Brand24 is one of the most popular and obvious choices for people seeking social media monitoring, it is not the only one out there. If you want to start analyzing sentiment and tracking mentions about your brand in real-time, then you may want to test out a lot of options available on the market.

Social media tracking tools at your disposal

If you run some Facebook groups, you may want to dig into analytics to be sure that your content performs at its best. That is where Grytics can come in handy, delivering all of the important data you can turn into actionable tasks.

Influencer marketing also rocks social media, but it is crucial to identify whether chosen influencers can really deliver results for your brand. Take a glimpse at tools like SocialBlade or HypeAuditor to evaluate whether the influencers you have initially chosen will be a good fit for your brand. Thanks to those tools, you can find out more about statistics and trends, demographics and detailed metrics about engagement and reach among your target groups.

Create amazing social media posts

Effective social media planning tools won’t be enough to make your strategy sparkle. You need to have amazing content you can post on social media platforms. How to create it? Use social media tools! If your audience is crazy about graphics, tools like Canva or Crello will definitely hit the spot. You can use a lot of pre-made templates, elements, fonts or even built-in stock photos to use in your posts. Speaking of stock photos, you should get familiar with Kaboompics, especially if you are looking for natural photos that can perform well for your posts. Kaboompics is regularly updated too, so there is no problem finding some new photos you can use as a base for your visual content.

Not a fan of photos, or just prefer videos? With tools like Lumen5, you can create animated videos in a heartbeat. Lumen5 uses the content you’ve already created to prepare a video clip based on text. If you’d like to have a bit more freedom with their creation, then Biteable is a good call. With a large choice of templates and additional elements, you can prepare appealing videos and share them on your social media channels. They will look very sleek and professional!

We have only listed 10 recommendations as for social media tools, but there are obviously many more that you may want to try too. We strongly encourage you to test as many tools as possible in order to find the best solution for your needs!