How to Implement Agile HR for StartUps


The agile methodology is gaining popularity by the day and more businesses are adapting to it. Having an agile HR team means that your business will be handling projects with higher efficiency and minimal costs. Using the agile methodology, an agile team will allow you to adapt quickly with very little disturbance to your workflow. Implementing an agile team may be challenging and you’ll need unwavering dedication to succeed. Here are several tips on how to implement agile HR for startups.

Don’t Waste Time

If you want to succeed with your agile team, them don’t waste any time. Hit the ground running. Understand the technology you need to use, the roles of the team, the team structure and the challenges you are likely to face. More important than that, you need to understand your goals and what you’d like to achieve.

Understand Your Role
As the head of the department, you need to put together the team that will carry out the agile principles in the company. Being the leader of the group, it is important that you are open to change, you remain flexible, and you empower the rest of the team members. You can achieve this by allowing them to share their views and opinions about the projects. This will be your role and you need to fully understand what’s expected of you.

Understand All the Problems That You Are Facing
The HR agile team that you great must have a purpose. This purpose involves solving problems for the company and you need to understand what kind of problems you are expected to solve. Once you know what issues you face, you have to know which ones to prioritize and when each problem needs to be solved.

Do Not Stagnate
One of the best things you can do is keep up your pace. The agile team should be fast paced and as the leader, you’ll be the driving force of the team. Regardless of the challenges you face, you need to keep going, if not then your team cannot be considered agile. At this pace, communication is very important, and so are the tools you choose to integrate with your systems. There are several tools that you can use such as DMS and BI, especially when you are dealing with so much data.

You Need to Plan
As the team leader, you need to possess great planning skills. Organize meetings that will help identify, and categorise short term and long term goals for the HR team.Planning all this will be up to you and you need to ensure that everything runs smoothly. See to it that all the short term goals are met as you prepare for the long term goals.

Communicate Effectively
Effective communication is important, especially face to face communications. Regardless of how technologically advanced your tools are, meeting in person has more effect because meetings are so much more immersive than online communications. These meetings will reduce any misunderstandings and misinterpretations greatly and members are likely to play their roles more efficiently.

Motive Your Team
For your HR team to be driven individuals, you need to constantly motivate and empower them. Depending on your team, give each member responsibilities that allow them to handle tasks in their own way. This will motivate them to work harder, which will drive your projects faster.

Have a Self Organizing Team
Be the facilitator of your team. Do not look at your role as micromanagement, task assignment or even decision maker. As a facilitator, you are in a better position to lead a team that is self-organizing. Allow your team members to identify the structure that works best with everyone.