Software and the Changing Face of Small Businesses


If you are the owner of a small business, you are constantly thinking of innovative ideas and schemes to stay ahead of the game in 2019’s competitive business landscape. One of the best ways to catapult your business ahead of the competition is by utilising business software. Technology is changing businesses all around the world and enabling business owners to make larger profits, increase productivity and simplify day to day business operations. In today’s article, we look at software and how it is changing the face of small businesses around the globe. Read on to find out more!

Payroll Is No Longer a Hassle

Every business owner knows that as long as you are in business, payroll is going to be a part of your day to day responsibilities. With numerous payroll software appearing in the market in 2019, there is a myriad of options to choose from. Regardless of your choice of software, automated payroll systems are the way of the future. In the past, accounting teams have had to spend hours upon hours of precious time slaving over the payroll. Thankfully, with the introduction of automated payroll software, employees can now spend their precious time focusing on more revenue-generating activities instead. Payroll software is one of the best technological advancements in business and something every business should utilise to increase productivity levels and reduce human error.

No Longer Fret Over Scheduling

Business owners know how stressful scheduling can be. Spending hours trying to schedule tasks and shifts can often be a mind-numbing experience. Thanks to the introduction of scheduling software, businesses can now schedule shifts with ease. Rota or scheduling software can perform scheduling tasks with accuracy and efficiency, allowing your HR team to take a backseat and focus on other more pressing matters. Scheduling software allows for more flexible work hours and is a fantastic way of reducing absenteeism and worker fatigue. Business owners no longer need to fret over scheduling or worry about issues such as being understaffed as scheduling software eliminates many issues that businesses often face with regard to employee shifts and schedules.

Improved Relationships with Customers

Have you ever heard of Customer Relationship Management software? CRM is one of the most popular software that is being utilised by small businesses all around the globe. Forging good relations with customers is essential for any business that is looking to succeed, and with the help of CRM software, business-customer relationships are strengthened immensely. Boosting conversions and improving your revenue rates based on customer data that is pooled by your CRM software are just a few of the benefits that this software offers. CRM software can manage relationships and interactions with not just current customers, but also potential ones. This alone has truly changed the face of small businesses all around the globe.

Increased Efficiency in the Accounting Department

Accounting is a critical component of any successful business. Balancing your books and getting the taxes for the year done are all part and parcel of running a business. In 2019, almost all businesses have switched over to automated accounting, and with good reason too. Accounting software is a great addition to a business due to its ability to save you copious amounts of time, assist in cash flow management, provide detailed and accurate reports about your company’s financial health and offer computerised invoicing. Instead of spending gruelling hours handling the books yourself, accounting software can take the pain out of the somewhat tedious process of business accounting.

Software is an amazing addition to any small business as it allows business owners to operate with higher levels of efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy. We hope that this article has given you some valuable insight into some of the software that is currently taking the world by storm and changing the face of small businesses forever.