Travel the World as a Digital Nomad


The internet and modern society made it very possible for people to maintain and advance their careers without having to work for one day in a conventional office. This trend has given birth to a new industry of people known as Digital Nomads. Digital Nomads are simply people who prefer a location–independent lifestyle that allows them to travel and work anywhere in the world. A lot of Digital Nomads are freelancers; this means that they work in several niches including but not limited to graphic design, copywriting, coding and other similarly flexible jobs. A good number of Digital nomads rely on trends and websites like Expedia Uk to direct their travels, food and lifestyle in general. The idea behind being a Digital Nomad is that such people get to experience and enjoy the best of life while moving around. So how do you become a Digital Nomad?

One of the most fun parts of being a Digital Nomad is the food. Digital nomads have the opportunity to experience the beauty of different meals in many countries. The issue with exploring food in new places is that you have no way of telling what’s good to try. Also, there may be a language barrier limiting your available choices. So we’ve helped you highlight some food trends for 2019 that can help guide your decisions in food.

One of the biggest food trends in 2019 is remarkable food swaps. In response to general demand, chefs and cooks have responded with what may be described as unusual substitution being made to familiar food. You may be served a plate of courgette (courgette spaghetti) or brown bread ice-cream. Not only do these combinations and substitutions create fun meals. They also make great healthy dishes; some examples of this include pizza with cauliflower as the dough. You may also decide to have Legume Pasta which is a very healthy option and is derived from split peas, black beans and chickpeas. In general, food swaps have taken over as a major food trend in 2019.

Another big thing happening in the food scene is “Meat Alternatives”. The new trend of veganism has made a lot more food enthusiasts try to adopt a hybrid approach to proteins. More meals now feature plant-based protein in their set up, and this is a big trend in 2019. You can now have access to burger patties that are plant-based which match the texture, umami and juiciness that is found in beef patties. A lot more people are beginning to eat these plant-based proteins, and you may like to experience the creative ways that chefs experiment with these proteins in meals. You may love to try out these plant-based proteins with some Ramen noodles.

West African cuisine is now one of the few areas left in food to explore, and we love it. The fact that these meals are simmered in a pot is a perfect match to food preparation trends in recent times. You may enjoy the varied fish-based meals or the popular jollof rice, all of which are savoury meals you are bound to enjoy. If you’re really interested in experiencing the food culture of West Africa, you may like to try a number of other dishes available from the area. You may even find something that you will want to eat regularly.

Food is one of the best things about being a Digital Nomad. You may discover that certain food combinations that will remain with you for the rest of your life and fill you with find memories. If you decide to live and work in London, you may like to check out any of these restaurants to explore any of the trends mentioned. Dirty Bones Shoreditch, Lohkandwala or even Hoxley and Porter.