9 Mistakes That Drive Away Instagram Followers


Instagram is a social media platform for sharing photos and videos, which has become popular worldwide from the beginning in 2010, the year the Instagram app was launched. TheAppSolutions social media experts note the rapid advancement in technology in the last years. Instagram allows users to target and influence interested users as well as customers by.

The digital era provides an opportunity for everyone to use Instagram for building a personal brand on social media. Gaining new followers on Instagram can be hard, although it is pretty easy to lose them. Celebrities, brands, and other popular users are not spared watching the numbers go down. But what can you do to gain the followers instead of watching numbers going down?

The following are nine common mistakes that cost people to lose followers on Instagram. Check them out and keep in mind to not repeat.

Over-Posting and Inconsistency

Posting schedule might be the reason you are losing followers on this platform. Over-posting can quickly boredom your followers so that they lose interest in your content. At the same time, consistency is vital. When your followers realize your haphazard posting in their feeds, they might start questioning the reasons why they follow you.

Being Proactive

Many Instagram account users only concentrate on getting a bigger number of followers. Not liking or commenting on your audience posts may negatively affect their interest in your content. The fact is that people love recognition. You need to make efforts of engaging daily with your audience to notice and appreciate an upward growth of your own followers.

Using Boring Captions

Every new post is an equal opportunity to gain or to lose Instagram followers. If you don’t prepare captivating captions for your content, then you might be getting stale. Nobody wants to encounter uninspired content which does not add value, entertain, or trigger. Your captions should provoke your audience to like your posts, leave comments, or tag other Instagram friends.

Violation of Instagram Terms and Conditions

An automated posting with the use of Instagram APIs is against the stated terms and conditions of the Instagram application. Moreover, Instagram does not allow likes and comments from such third-party platforms. The consequence of violating this policy is called “shadow-banned,” when your posts appear in followers’ fields less frequently, or even worth, your Instagram account may end up deleted.

Buying Ghost Followers

There are services which entice Instagram users with promises of providing thousands of followers overnight, or in a day or two. Falling into this kind of trap might lead you into an “Instagram purge” when Instagram will literary remove fake subscribers from your profile. Such a situation happened in 2014, affecting all those who had purchased ghost followers and those with vast numbers of followers gained through Autobot services.

The Follow-Unfollow Tactic

Unfortunately, some Instagram followers do not follow you because they have a genuine interest in your account. Their driving motive is to gain a follow-back, and they unfollow you once it happens. Other spam Instagram accounts unfollow you after some time if you fail to follow them as well. This is a time-wasting tactic of gaining followers, that leads to losing them instead.

Inappropriate Posts

Some people lose their Instagram followers if the audience feels that the tone of their content or the content itself is inappropriate. However, each judgment is subjective. What one considers inappropriate might be fine to another user. One of the typical judgmental content that leads to loss of followers is stereotypical stuff.

Portraying a Poor Impression

The first impression is essential, even when it comes to new followers. A good impression is a virtue not just on Instagram but also in real-life interactions, be it a job interview, a small talk, or even a first date. People are naturally attracted to visuals, but the way you portray your character and the content you create and share are things that keep new follower around.


Instagram is a community where people are not generally interested in “buy my stuff” posts now and then. However, they may be driven by a particular interest of your attitude to a brand or commodity. If you are concentrating on promoting some products or services without presenting any value of it to your followers, you might be pushing them to the unfollow button.

Stop Losing Followers on Instagram!

Although it can be frustrating to lose Instagram followers, it is not worth going with short-term incorrect ways to increase the number of your subscribers. To be on the safe side, grow your Instagram followers by providing fresh and valuable content, and gather an audience that finds reasons to follow and trust you. To avoid making the above-explained mistakes leading to losing Instagram followers, thus, just be yourself!