Using Coloured Envelopes to Make a Brand Stand Out


Envelopes are an essential part of every business’ daily communication, but few businesses understand the true potential there is for communicating a message and marking themselves out from the competition. Achieving that goal is actually very simple – all a business needs to do is start employing coloured envelopes, and they have a number of benefits open to them.

Drawing attention

When one considers the nature of the average mail a person receives every day, there’s a common theme that emerges – dull. The average mail delivery is a sea of white and mid-brown envelopes which businesses use because they’re cheap and simple. That’s fair enough, but it does nothing to help a business stand out from the rest of the crowd. No business wants to be seen as sending “just another” piece of mail. If a business has a unique offer or an important message, the envelope it arrives in should be just as dynamic.

It doesn’t take much to achieve this; all a business has to do is inject a splash of colour into its choice of envelopes. Vibrant and dynamic colour choices can allow a business to make their mark and have a clear impression on recipients – even general daily communications can be made more exciting by the use of mixed envelope colours.

Transmitting the right message

Not only does colour help a business get noticed, it can also help a business to communicate their message. Colour says a lot about the nature of a business. Lighter colours offer a more relaxed and fun-loving image, while darker stronger colours are the ideal choice for a business wanting to present a more toned down presentation.

Many businesses are afraid of introducing colour to the envelopes they use because they feel that white or mid-brown is the only option. The truth is completely the opposite, however, with a large number of custom colours available to choose from. An envelope should be an extension of a business’ branding. If the business has a particular colour scheme that forms the foundation of their brand, it’s important that their envelopes extend that colour scheme.

A business shouldn’t be afraid to be different – in a crowded marketplace customers are drawn to different, and it can be the main factor between choosing a certain business over the competition.
A business can test the concept for themselves easily and affordably, by investing in custom printed envelopes and using them in their next mail drive.