Attorney SEO Expert Unveils Top 3 Tips for Personal Injury Law Firms


You are living in a digital world—where technology is the order of the day. With technology, you have limited opportunities to pitch your brand online and attract more clients. For instance, you can use SEO to boost your company’s leads and generate more revenues. It’s also important to note that SEO can be used by virtually any company—including law firms.

So, what is SEO?

SEO—an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization—is a digital marketing strategy that helps rank your website higher on Google. With SEO, you have a cost-effective way of reaching new customers. Moreover, personal injury law firms can hugely benefit from SEO immensely. So, if you want to beat the completion and nail more clients, think of how to improve your law firm SEO website.

Law Firm Marketing Tips for Lawyers

Like any other business establishment, a law firm should have a website. Also, the website must abide by the laid out rules as regulations. Of course, you will have to obey the rules governing your industry. However, this doesn’t mean that you stop utilizing the available resources to market your firm. With technology, you have unlimited ways of reaching your clients. For instance, you can leverage digital marketing strategies to take your legal firm to another new level. It’s also important to note that the competition out there is still. Plus, new legal firms can find it difficult to get new clients. And that’s where Search Engine Optimization comes in. With SEO, you have a powerful market strategy that is sure to get you real results. SEO will help drive traffic to your site and generate more leads. On these lines, here is all you need to know concerning SEO for layers.

The Facts

Before diving into the exciting world of content creation, it’s better to have a clear understanding regarding the World Wide Web. According to stats, 96 percent of those seeking legal services turn to search engines. Search engine comprises of Google, Yahoo, etc. Google commands the largest market share. That’s why you should strive to improve your Google ranking. It will boost your online presence.

The Google Algorithm

The Google algorithm is updated regularly. These updates are tweaked and honed to help genuine sites rank higher on Google. Page rankings are normally dependent on the Google Algorithm. With the right SEO strategy, you can boost your legal firm’s Google Ranking.

The Site

Any business—including legal firms—can employ SEO technique as a digital marketing strategy. So, if these are the things you are looking for, here are key facts to consider:

– Keywords
Keyword analysis is important. So, don’t skip it. It can make or break your SEO game. Usually, search engines will first analyze the keywords in your site whenever a query is made. So, whether they are long-tail or short-tail keywords, you need to get it right during the keyword analysis. They help make your site searchable and reachable by potential clients.

Use short-tail keywords to attract more site visits. According to the stats, about 62 percent of legal searches fall in short-tail keywords. On the other hand, long-tail keywords are considered to be more specific. Ranging between 3 and 5 words—long-tail keywords may also include short-tail keywords. Of course, long-tail keywords don’t attract more traffic to your site. However, they will give you serious leads. According to stats, long-tail keywords tend to produce real customers.

– Build Rich Content
Content is key as far as digital marketing is concerned. So, know your audience. Determine what they are looking for. It will help you device the best keywords for your SEO strategy. Optimize your content. Know how to do keyword density. Use the H1, H2, as well as Meta descriptions. Don’t forget to include relevant Meta tags. Have killer content. Ensure that your content is unique and doesn’t have grammatical errors. Use short sentences. Leverage on the power of bullet points. Create sub-heads. Create content that is mobile friendly. Also, be sure to optimize your content for local ranking.

– Powerful Calls to Action
When it comes to digital marketing, the power of call to action cannot be underestimated. A CTA, which is essentially a summation of the content, prompts your customers to take action. It’s regarded as the selling point of your business offering. In most cases, a CTA is placed at the end of your content. It’s also important to note that a CTA for legal form is different.

Normally, law firms should position the CTA strategically to prompt the customer to scroll further. You should also place your phone number in a strategic position. In fact, it should be featured in every page. Diversify your options. Thus, include more than one phone number. It will encourage different kinds of outreaches. For instance, you can include different phone numbers, email addresses, as well as contact forms.

– Homepage Optimization
Ensure that your homepage is optimized. It will help your potential clients to find you. Know the type of clients you are targeting. Then create keywords that perfectly reflect your service offerings. For instance, if you are a criminal lawyer, your keywords may include:

– Best criminal lawyer
– Reliable criminal attorney
– Criminal defense
– Criminal defense attorney
– Criminal defense lawyer

– Backlinks
Link building is another major aspect of digital marketing. To be precise, Google considers the quality of your backlinks when ranking your site. So, have relevant backlinks. Backlink to sites that are within your niche.

– Live Chat window
Don’t forget to include a live chat window on your site. Remember, clients are looking for a lawyer who can offer them instant assistance. So, including a live chat window will make communication faster. Plus, you can easily convince your clients. So, besides contact us page, remember to include a live chat section.

The Bottom-Line

The competition out there is real. You need to up your digital marketing game. Remember, you aren’t the only injury law form out there. The completion is stiff. That’s why you need to employ the right digital marketing strategy. The above are top tips a personal injury law firms can adapt and improve its online presence.