The Latest Tips for Street Photography with an iPhone


The technology of the camera in iPhones has improved a lot over the years, now we can take near professional grade photos with our phones. It is no surprise that street photography has become really popular. Using an iPhone to get started in street photography is a good way to be creative without spending a lot of money on expensive camera equipment. There are a lot ways to optimize your photography and utilize the tools at your disposal. Here are a few tips that will help you take the best photos you can with your iPhone.

Clean your Lenses
Your phone is in our hands and pockets a lot, the camera lens gets dirty easily. Dirty lenses leave blurs, dust, and smudges on your photos. Cleaning your lens regularly, you will have the most clear and sharp photos. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the lens of dirt and dust. You should also blow on your lens to remove any sand that could scratch the lens when you are working in dusty conditions.

Adjust Exposure
When your photos are too bright or too dark, this means that they are over-exposed and under-exposed respectfully. To ensure that your photos have the perfect level of brightness, you should simply adjust the exposure right before you take the photo. Tap to set the focus and swipe up or down to adjust the exposure. If you swipe down, the image will become darker and if you swipe up the photo will be brighter. This way you can see to it that the most important parts of the photo are exposed in the way you want them to. When a photo is properly exposed, there will be a lot of color and detail.

Set the Focus
Smart phone’s autofocus feature is not always what you want for your photos. Instead of allowing your camera to determine the focus, you should set it manually. Compose your shot, tap on the screen where you want to focus. When a yellow box appears, you have indicated a focus point. Then you can shoot your photo and the area that you are focusing on will appear crisp and sharp.

Another way to improve your photos is to use HDR. High contrast scenes can be a problem when it comes to exposure, but you can overcome this by using HDR. High contrast has both dark and light areas. Landscapes usually have a lot of contrast. According to the experts at the site MoneyPug, which is used to find mobile phone deals, the iPhone camera has a helpful HDR feature that helps you take more evenly fit photos. HDR is an acronym for High Dynamic Range. It allows you to capture detail in both shadows and highlights. Shooting with HDR is pretty easy, but you need to make sure that your settings are set up correctly. Turn Smart HDR off. If it’s on you won’t have the HDR option in the camera app. Keep Normal Photo needs to be switched on. This way your phone will save a non-HDR version of the photo as well.

Think About Light
Photography is the mastery of light. You should always think about the lighting of the scene and take the opportunity to make the lighting better or more accurate to what you are looking for. You can use light both technically and creatively. Using iPhones features to get what you want is one method, but there is no substitute for creating lighting that you want and enhancing it later. Think of light when you are setting up a scene or when you are taking photos on the street. Find the right lighting and you will have a great photo.

It doesn’t matter what you’re interested in taking photos of, you should use the tools at your disposal to create the best photos you can. Think about these tips when you are out on the streets taking photos and you will take more thoughtful, interesting compositions. Use technical advantages to create photos that are more in line with what you are pursuing artistically. It is the best of both worlds, reap the benefits of everything that is available to you.