How to Keep Working and Stay Productive While Traveling


We live in a digital age, and there are many jobs that occur outside of a traditional office space. It’s possible now more than ever before to make money while traveling the world. However,

staying productive can be difficult enough when you work remotely, and this is especially challenging if you are always on the road. Hotels and airports have business centers or lounges, but sometimes you might find yourself stranded without all the things you need to do your job.

Getting work done outside of the office can be just as easy as working during normal hours if you equip yourself with the right gear and plan ahead. Here are just a few ways to stay productive and eliminate stress without the luxury of a fixed work schedule and unlimited wifi.

Wifi Hotspots

The largest difficulty many remote or on-the-road professionals face is lack of accessibility to the internet. You need web access to check your email, send documents, submit your work, and receive updates from the office. Rather than running into a coffee shop every time you need to check your email, invest in a hotspot.

A wifi hotspot allows you to access the internet by turning your hotspot on. You can keep it off when you don’t need it, and turn it on when you decide to get a bit of work done. It’s simple to use and can be operated from your mobile phone.

Battery Cases

Working remotely means that your phone and laptop are your lifeline. They are how you communicate with your clients, superiors, and coworkers. You may at some point find yourself stranded without adequate charge on your phone, unable to find a charger or an outlet. In this situation, one of the best iPhone battery cases comes in handy unlike any other device.

These keep your phone alive for longer so that you can continue to work without needing an outlet. This is ideal for long conference calls that you don’t want to spend bent over under the table at a coffee shop with your phone plugged into the wall.

Co-working Spaces

For many, it is easier to be productive in an office space. Parking yourself in a busy coffee shop, or trying to work from the sofa can make it difficult to focus. If this describes you, try visiting a co-working space. These are large, often open-plan office spaces that businesses or independent professionals can rent to work out of. Bustling cities such as New York, London and Shanghai are known for their wide variety of co-working spaces.

The benefit of co-working spaces are:

· They include outlets

· They’re well-lit

· They’re quiet

· There’s wifi

· There are desks, tables, chairs, bathrooms, and sometimes beverages available

· You can utilize conference rooms in the space for increased privacy

Productivity On The Go

Many people find themselves having to get work done outside of the office. This can happen frequently, or just every once in a while. Regardless of how often it occurs, it is a major inconvenience. It can ruin a sale, anger a client, or get you in trouble with a superior. Whether you’re a blogger, salesman, event coordinator, or other professional who must often get work done on the go, you can benefit from investing in a power or wifi access device that keeps you connected.

You may be an amazing employee and a hard worker, but when your phone dies or you can’t find wifi, it is impossible to do what you need to do. Try wifi hotspots, co-working spaces, and battery cases to help you stay productive no matter what city you’re in or how long you’ve away from a phone charger.