Design, Create, Collaborate: Online Art Sharing and Management Software


When picturing an artist, many people think of an unkempt and disheveled “free-spirit” who works when the “mood strikes”; unreliable and unprofessional. However, most artists today are the polar opposite of the stereotyped holes-in-shirt wearing, paint-splattered nonconformists. The contemporary artist delivers reliable art on a planned schedule. They interact with other artists and receive feedback. They stay up-to-date on the current technological advancements in the differing modes of art and art delivery. They deal in contracts and yield results.

As new organizations form and old organizations adapt or expand, the need for art is only ever increasing. Art is used in nearly every facet of business; websites, posters, advertisements, product labels, marketing tools, etc. So the demand for artists remains present. However, when burdened by negative stereotypes, professional artists must use everything in their disposal to set themselves apart from doubtful skepticism and present their products and services in a professional way. One way professional artists set themselves apart is by using design approval software.

Design approval software is management software for creative proposals that makes it easier for users to visualize the organizational process for creative projects. Often, the software also allows for artists to receive feedback and reviews on their designs so as to ensure they are creating well-received unique and striking pieces, or at least pieces that will satisfy their targets. But beyond simply receiving feedback, design approval software creates a platform by which artists can set schedules and due dates to achieve milestones on larger productions. The software also creates a medium by which multiple team members can collaborate with each other and communicate with companies by delivering project updates and reports.

Design approval software generally includes a networking function as well, where artists and companies are able to reach out to one another within the design software. The networking function of a design approval software can be key because artists can more easily identify other artists and get examples of their work so as to invite them to team projects. In addition, companies can more easily identify artists that have demonstrated suitable work and reach out to them.

The cost of design approval software can vary based on the platform or project size, and can typically range from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per month, with smaller projects most often relating to smaller costs. But while approval software is certainly a cost, its potential benefits can certainly get the professional and motivated artist a leg up, and more money over all.

While design approval software probably is not the correct first step for new artists, or artists that have yet to secure any project contracts, the software certainly might assist a professional artist looking to grow their profession. Design approval software is one way in which artists are able to increase the number of reviewers reviewing their work, communicate with companies, collaborate with team members, and track their project’s progress through charts and reports.