Importance of Data Backup and Recovery in an Organization


Ever since the inception of the digital era, the protection of data has always been a challenging but inevitable job. The primary reason due to which the data can be lost is hardware failure, but with the advent of the revolution in the internet, hardware failure is not the only reason which is leading to data loss. It has become a very convoluted task to save the data from the external attacks like viruses, malware etc. These are basically the byproduct of always connected to the network or internet. Once the data of the organization is lost that can lead to big setback for them, which should be avoided. This is the situation why Data backup and Recovery comes into existence, and hence we created this article with the help of Minitool to illustrate it.

Data Backup and Recovery

The process of creating copies of data and storing it to some other medium which can’t be affected by the hardware and software failures is known as Data Backup. These media include magnetic tapes, external hard disk etc. Sometimes even a small USB can be used to take the data backup which all of us generally use on personal front.

Recovery is the process of restoring the lost data from the Backup that was created as a precaution to save the organization from the unplanned event of the Data Loss.

Importance of Data Backup and Recovery

This is a data driven world where data is no less than a king. Having data and using it in a wise way can give our businesses new heights. Organizations are investing a very huge corpus on the data backup and recovery as they already know the importance of it in this digital world. Small scale businesses may think that the data backup is not important for them, but this is a myth and the payouts can be more than what we think. Data recovery and Backup is important for every organization irrespective of their sizes.

Data can be lost easily, comprises of many reasons spanning from human errors to hardware and software failures. Even your choice of clicking a wrong link can lead to the data loss. Some of the reason for data loss can be Hardware crash, software failures etc. Even an improper shutdown can cost you the entire data of the system.

Growing exposure to the internet is giving rise to various cyber-attacks which involves malware, viruses etc. Hackers are trying their way to attack your networks and corrupt the data just to earn an acknowledgement for them.

It is rightly said that “Prevention is better than cure”. The cost of data loss can be much more than having a data backup and the losses incurred are not limited to money but can span from reputation to trust in the market. Organization without a proper data recovery and backup plan can lose the whole business.

Data Backup is a continuous process

The data backup is a never-ending process and the frequency of data backup should be fixed as per the requirement of the Business or an individual. The data always likes to grow and so will be growing for your organization which makes it mandatory to be backed up daily, weekly, monthly depending on the amount of data your firm generates.