How to Make Sure Your Company’s Website Matches Up with the Branding


Website design is one of those things that many companies realize is important, but it can be a bit mysterious in terms of what it “should” include. Sure the goal is to create a professional-looking website that is responsive and draws visitors to it, but have you thought much about the branding? A website is essentially just an extension of the business itself, which means it needs to represent the same vision as the company. Keeping the branding consistent across the board is what will help build company awareness, create trust in your company and its products/services, and even help with marketing.

So how can you, as a business owner, ensure that your website matches up with the company branding at all times? What steps should be taken? Let’s take a closer look.

Be Clear On Your Company’s Image and Branding

In order to make sure that your website reflects the image and branding of the company, you need to be sure there is a clear and established image in place. As yourself what your brand stands for, what does it want to accomplish, and who is the target audience. A mission statement is a must-have, as it clearly identifies all the answers to the questions just asked, and it acts as the company plan.

Give Thought to the Content

Now it’s time to start thinking about the content on the site. Every piece of text, audio, visuals, and videos should match up with that mission statement that you crafted. It should help to further those goals and stick to the main goal of the company.

Use Company Colors and Logos

Cohesiveness from page to page is also essential so that visitors always feel it’s part of the same company and that there is flow. A great way to accomplish this is to use company colors and logos on each and every page of the website.

Leave It to a Professional

Even with all these tips, sometimes it’s just a better and more efficient plan to bring on a professional web designer. Noteworthy freelance web design, based out of Minneapolis, MN is a great example of just such a company. It works specifically with small companies in the health and business industry that are looking to create a mobile-friendly website that adheres to the company’s image and branding.

A professional website designer is well aware of the steps that work and are necessary, and those that don’t really have a place in the process. This means you can get the job done much faster than if you were to do it yourself, allowing your site to go live that much faster.

For a level up, consider choosing a web development company to handle not just the design but the whole creation of your website. Such a collaboration ensures you launch a bug-free website that looks professional and reflects your business values.

Furthering Your Branding Efforts through the Website

Branding is a pretty wide category that encompasses all kinds of techniques and practices, but don’t forget that many of these should also be used on the business website. Creating a website that not only matches up with the company’s branding but helps to further its image can generate the kind of customer enthusiasm and interest that you’re after.