What Are the Latest Successful Link Building Techniques?


Search engine optimization is synonymous with building links. But like any digital trend, link building techniques have also evolved throughout the years. With the ever-changing Google algorithms, SEO experts need to stay on top of the game and come up with new strategies. These strategies will ensure that whatever changes in the algorithm, they can guarantee a higher rank for their client. The question now is, how do the best SEO agencies like www.ocere.com build links these days? Here are relevant strategies that every SEO expert needs to consider adopting.

Create assets such as research and data

Advanced SEO means investing in original research as a link building method. In digital marketing, content is key to creating successful campaigns. There is nothing which can replace the effectiveness of using unique information which has not yet been published or used. If a company has creative control over original content, they will earn the backlinks to any future articles or posts that refer to this research.

The value of original data does not end in a single publication because it can be the basis of more fresh content such as infographics, blog posts, and social media posts.

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Be active on social media

SEO experts consider sharing on social media platforms has a 68% effectiveness. Nonetheless, many still invest heavily in social media channels as a preferred method of building links. How is this done?

– Use tools to determine your target audience on social media channels.

– A social listening tool can help identify patterns which show how customers engage, such as comments, likes, and post shares.

– Original content derived through research may be used to create a tailored content that will appeal to your target audience. Such material may be published depending on the best time, which coincides with your customers’ activity on social media.

Lastly, do not stop by simply creating and posting content. You also need to monitor progress by using analytics. The amount of traffic generated by posts on blogs and social media reported in Google Analytics provides valuable insight on which strategies to keep using and which to abandon or replace.

Using videos to build links

Another exciting trend in SEO is to use videos in link-building. But using videos does have one caveat. Google’s main video-sharing YouTube will earn more of the backlinks. Nevertheless, many companies have experienced modest success by hosting videos through their website or by using social media channels to share content.

In case you have video content shared on YouTube, and you want to earn some of the links created by your content, you can claim the links by reaching out to any website or YouTube account which may have embedded your video and ask that a link to your website be included.


These are only three methods or link building you can use this year to launch a successful SEO campaign. But with the primary objective of gaining a higher rank in Google and other search engines, you need not stop by using trendy techniques. The best practice in the industry is to use statistical data as an objective tool in SEO decision-making.