Social Media for Freelancers: How to Use the Web to Build Your Business


If you’re looking to make a living as a freelancer, it’s important to build your network and bring in clients. Learn more about social media for freelancers.

Freelancing today is as much about who you know as it’s always been. The only thing to have changed is the way you go about connecting with people.

Social media freelancers are masterful at gaining leads using the Web.
The lead gen includes Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter, blogging, Pinterest, and more. Social media is their vehicle for driving and closing sales. Keep reading and you’ll learn how they do it — and how to replicate their success.

The Art of Social Media Freelancers: Networking and Landing Clients (Made Simple)

A social-savvy freelancer uses their connections to build and tout their brand. They build a network for inspiration, support, and referrals. What they’re doing isn’t too far removed from how you use social media already.

Start with the Professional Network
LinkedIn is the preferred platform and is far too often ignored.

LinkedIn is your access to:
– Business owners seeking freelance services
– Peers willing to connect and exchange referrals

Get on LinkedIn and begin sharing your best and brightest insights. Create blogs on the platform which attracts people searching for those topics. And, reach out and contact/connect whenever you see someone in need of your services.
LinkedIn is also a great place to find events you could attend, mingle, and gain a few referrals.

Leverage Your Portfolio and Design Spaces
You’ll want to be everywhere.
You should begin by creating a portfolio website. Do this either by handcrafting a site or using a CMS. Or, using a free website builder or drag-and-drop tool.

Once your site is live:
– Create blog posts sharing your experiences and expertise
– Show off your best work and the process behind it
– Connect your social media accounts and funnel people to services

You should then reuse what you’re doing on the portfolio elsewhere. Your design and work items could go onto niche and industry boards. You could join freelancer communities where you’re provided free portfolio space, too.

Get Active on Where Your Audience Frequents
Go whenever your freelance audience congregates online. This is different for each of you reading. You’ll discover where after doing their audience research.

Once you find the audience:

– Lurk and understand the lingo and how to use the platform well
– Use a social media graphic maker to create and share neat designs
– Share insights and join conversations to get your name out there
– Offer to help or join in on a project if someone is seeking help

There are a lot of opportunities to find and get leads when you’re tuned in.
Get good at one or two platforms, like Facebook and Twitter, then find your way onto the niche ones. There are smaller social networks within each industry. This cuts out some competition while connecting you closer to those leads!

Become a Better Freelancer, Today

Social media freelancers understand the balance of skill and networking.
You can do wonders at a workstation, but if you can’t connect then you won’t land work. Use the tips in this guide to fill your networking and lead gen gap.

What else can you do to become a successful, paid freelancer? Always stay up-to-date, of course, and check out our site for the latest freelance resources.