5 Web Development Tools for Hyper Growth Teams


When looking at your DevOps strategies, it’s important that web development tools save time and reduce delays. I personally feel faster deployment times can improve workflows. And, with better app building tools teams can meet customer demands and increase time to market. Hence, DevOps teams need the best software tools. They should integrate with one another and allow for better collaborations and faster bug detections.

Here are a few of the best web development tools for busy developers and their teams.

JFrog – Universal Artifact Management for Accelerated DevOps
To reduce build times and always stay connected – without interruptions, check out JFrog. Launched in 2008, JFrog is now used by over 3 million developers. It provides seamless integrations and can help with every stage of app builds from initial coding to deployment. JFrog works well in different development environments. Use it for legacy codes, containers and micro-services. Additionally, JFrog uses a local repository for its Docker registry.

With JFrog, you can share Docker images all from a single URL. And, your teams can use Docker with Artifactory if they want to set up an Artifactory SaaS account. They can also use a Docker container or Artifactory on-premise install. JFrog can support software in most languages. This is a big help for development teams of all levels who can benefit from this convenient platform and its features.

Select from 4 annual subscription packages. Each allows for unlimited users.

Proto – Speed Up Process Design with Proto
Proto.io is a popular way to design your prototype directly through the platform. Launched in 2011, Proto.io is used by mobile and interaction designers and app enthusiasts. Developed by the Labs Division of SNQ Digital, it lets users prototype their apps. It streamlines the prototyping process and facilitates multiple layers across different screens. Developers all over the world use Proto.io for creating apps for planes, smart TVs, cars, digital cameras and gaming consoles. An intuitive interface allows users to drag-and-drop with no coding skills required.
Helpful tools let developers and designers turn static designs into real, interactive prototypes. Added benefits include the ability to preview prototypes on actual devices or web browsers. This can speed up deployment time with faster feedback.

Proto.io is available for Android and iOS devices.

Start a 15-day free trial. Or, sign up for their free forever subscription.

Git – Distributed Even if Your Workflow Isn’t
Git is a free and open source distributed version control system. It’s used by thousands of developers, companies and novices. Its emphasis is to help with speed, support, non-linear workflows and data integrity.

The distributed source code management tool lets you track your development progress at every stage. And, teams can work together on the same project. Teams can receive access to the same files which reduces confusion. With fast performance, Git is easy to learn. You can create milestones that let you save different versions of source codes and you can reuse previous builds.

Git can be downloaded for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux/Unix.

Git offers a free trial.

Knockout – Simplify Dramatic Javascript UIs with the MVVM Pattern
A benefit of using Knockout is letting users create custom bindings and single-page apps in record time. Users can manage model-view-viewmodel bindings between JavaScript and HTML. Knockout features include declarative bindings and dependency tracking. Templating and automatic UI refresh also make it a go-to source for developers.

Knockout supports all browsers including IE6+, Chrome, Firefox 3.5, Safari and Opera.

Contact Knockout for pricing.

Jenkins – Build Great Things at Any Scale
Jenkins.io is an open-source continuous server. Built using Java, it uses almost 1,000 plugins to build, support and deploy any project. It’s easy to install and you can automate various phases of the delivery pipeline. You can also use automated features for manual tasks so teams can improve workflows. The plugins integrate well with other DevOps tools like Puppet and Docker.

Jenkins is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Jenkins offers a free trial.