How Clickfunnels Makes Designing Sales Pages Easy


One of the most important aspects of your business is understanding that customers online need a little hand-holding to move from learning about your company to actually purchasing your product. Creating a sales funnel is an important aspect of this process. A sales funnel purposefully leads your customers by the hand, first introducing your product, then letting them know more and more until they’re finally compelled to make a purchase.

To successfully convert potential customers into actual customers, you need to pay attention to every step in the sales funnel process. Every advertisement and every page needs to be cultivated. But one of the most important pages is the last page: the sales page. If the rest of your sales funnel has been cultivated, then by the time potential customers reach your sales page, they should be really interested in your product. As a result, a great sales page can have huge numbers of conversions. Today, we’re going to talk about how Clickfunnels can make designing amazing sales pages easy.

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is an online service that is designed to help you through every step of your sales funnel process. The goal of clickfunnels is to make designing your sales funnel easy. Because so many businesses have used Clickfunnels, they’ve had lots of practice designing page templates that are not only easy to use, but that also work.

There are a few different pricing plans on Clickfunnels. For more information, look into this page, which answers the question: How much does Clickfunnels cost?

What Makes a Great Sales Page?

A great sales page explains to your customers exactly how your product will solve a problem they’re having. Once they understand how your product will solve their problem, it will then entice them to make a purchase.

In order for your sales page to go from good to great, it needs to appeal to your target customer and convert views to sales. How does it do that?

First, it needs to look great. Your logo should be prominently displayed, and you should have images of the product you’re trying to sell. If you’re trying to sell a service, not a product, then it should have either images of that service in action or images of the sales result.

Next, the sales page should quickly tell your customers what you’re selling and why they need it. Whether this is an awesome product description or a killer description of your service, the goal is to present your customers with a problem that they’re having and show how you’re going to solve that problem for them. This provides value to your clients, and is the best way to convert views into sales.

How to Easily Design a Sales Page with Clickfunnels

The great thing about Clickfunnels is that it has been designed specifically to make it easy for business owners to design every page in their sales funnel without needing a degree in graphic design or web layout.

Clickfunnels has easy-to-use templates that have a proven success rate with their other clients. With Clickfunnels, you can easily scroll through their templates and choose the one that makes sense for your clientele and your product. Then, it’s as easy as replacing existing images and text with your own images and text.

The best part is, Clickfunnels does all the hard work for you. It prompts you into deciding what you want your page to do, and then helps you find templates that will lead customers to taking that specific action.

Other Things to Know About Designing a Sales Page

Once you have a sales page designed, the next thing you’ll want to ensure is that it’s optimized so that it can be found by search engines and so that your ideal clients are locating it.

How do you do this? Here are a few other things you should consider when designing your sales page.

– 1.) Is it mobile friendly? More than half of all traffic comes from cell phones and tablets, and Google now ranks mobile optimization of websites higher than desktop optimization. Check out these tips on how to make sure your page is mobile friendly.
– 2.) Is the language persuasive? Once people get to your site, are they compelled to make a purchase? If you don’t have a dedicated SEO writer on staff, you may want to hire an expert to ensure your sales page copy is both optimized for search engines and compelling to future customers.
– 3.) Are the images good? To bring customers in, you want to be sure to use clear, quality images that convey a message. You want them to be high enough resolution that they look good, but low enough resolution that they won’t slow down your page’s load speeds. Again, this may be time to talk to an expert.

Designing a sales page doesn’t have to be hard, but it does have to be done with consideration. Tools like clickfunnels can save you time researching and designing these pages, leaving you more time to worry about the other aspects of your sales funnel.