5 Reasons to Hire a Freelance Cameraman Over an Videography Agency


5 Reasons Why A Video Production Freelancer Should Be Hired Over An Agency

So you might have determined that your business needs video content but after doing a quick Google search you realized that there is a practically endless amount of individuals out there who are offering video services in various sizes. At this point, you might not have considered hiring a freelancer, or maybe you have, but for many projects and businesses it could be a much better fit for the video production needs that you have instead of hiring a traditional production agency or company.

You might be wondering why this is?

The following are 5 reasons why you should strongly consider hiring a freelancer to handle your video production needs:

1. Freelancer overheads are much lower.

This is the primary and first reason why you should strongly consider hiring a freelancer. Many freelancers work from home and so have lower overhead automatically compared to a majority of production companies and agencies. In turn, these savings can be passed onto clients like you! why should you pay more for a product than is necessary? I’m sure you agree.

Many of us (although not all, I need to add) are not registered for VAT. That can be a big bonus for some organizations. If you have a tight cash flow or are not registered for VAT yourself, then you will appreciate us not adding another 20% on top of the fee for our services.

It is very important to note that when you hire a freelancer to handle your video production needs doesn’t necessarily mean that you are choosing a cheap option. Like any type of product, no matter who is providing it, in business the truth is you always get what you pay for. When it comes to selecting a freelancer, there is is an abundance of options that are available to you, and prices also can vary considerably as well. However, generally speaking, on many video projects, especially for many startup companies and small businesses, hiring a good freelancer can be a very cost-effective investment to meet all of their video production needs.

2. Increased flexibility.

For many freelancers, particularly those who are within the early stages of their career, expect that in order to build up their client bases that they will need to have a certain degree of flexibility in order to achieve this. That is something you can benefit from when hiring a freelancer for your video production needs, although, of course, I am not talking about trying to get them to do the work very cheap or for free! Typically, business hours in the traditional business world are Monday to Friday from 9 to 8. However, that is rarely the case within the freelancing world. Although there may be days when freelancers work a more regular schedule, it is very common for us to work well into the night time hours or weekends, or sometimes even start or end work at 3 am! Although that might infuriate our family and friends, at times the work just has to be done. Also, some production companies might need to hire freelancers to get work done on the weekends but will mark their prices up and take their cut, even though we are doing most of the work. We can save you money if you just go directly through us instead and cut out the middle man.

As experienced freelancers, we are very adaptable. This is one of the things that makes us so invaluable. The digital landscape and business environment are constantly changing, and the best freelancers thrive in this changing environment.

Maybe you need to have some video content produced at the very last minute or you are getting a business set up while you are still working a day job and the weekends are the only free time you have Those are just aa few of the situations where hiring a freelancer can be the best option for you and your business.

3. You will have access to our professional network.

Although freelancers might work for themselves instead of being employees of a large company, that doesn’t mean we do not have great connections in the industry. As a matter of fact, freelancers have a tendency to meet more people and have the opportunity to make more connections compared to most employees wince every day is different! With all of our contacts, both unrelated ones and those within the industry, we can draw on other freelancers to help enhance your product or get you connected with talented professionals.

4. Freelance cameramen have broad range of experience.

Given that Freelancers work with such a wide range of organizations and meet so many different people the experience we are able to acquire is absolutely invaluable along with our ability to be able to adapt to various client needs and environments. From the perspective of video production, recently I went from being on a crew of more than 20 people on a film set to doing filming on my own in a Wales factory. Next week, I could up somewhere up on a mountain.

As experienced freelancers, we are very adaptable, and that makes us and the work we do invaluable. The digital landscape and the business environment are changing constantly, and we thrive on all of the change.

5.You can work with us in person.

This might be the digital age where an increasing amount of business gets conducted via Skype calls or remotely, but one of the best things about freelance cameraman hire is you can deal in person with the individual you are going to e working with instead of a middleman. Of course, on some occasions that would result in a freelancer finding someone else to assist you, as previously mentioned, but you will know from the outset that for most of your project you will deal with the one person you have hired and will be able to develop a good working relationship. It is these types of working relationships that allow a freelancer to get to really understand your business and you and hopefully this can develop into a good long term relationship for everyone involved. The agency’s receptions might not appreciate when you call right before 5 p.m. However, a freelancer will!

Keep in mind, it is important to find the right fit for your job.

I won’t lie to you. There are times when a video agency is going to be the better choice for certain projects. Individual freelancers cannot perform miracles and at times we don’t have the time or are unable to provide the studio space that is needed. There are many reasons why it is still worth it to first consider a freelance and you may be surprised at all we can do to help you.

If you are unable to help you, there is a good chance we will know somebody you can. Just start the conversation and we can take it from there.