Top Things To Consider When Choosing Your Branding


One of the fundamental things to consider when trying to get your brand out there is that experience and repetition matter. Studies found that it takes around 5 to 7 impressions of your brand before someone remembers it, which is why getting your brand out there matters. Whether it’s the small business around the corner or the latest unicorn that managed to secure hundreds of millions of dollars in funding, setting up your website and taking out ads in the local newspaper is just the start.

Is It Easily Distinguishable And Recognizable?

It’s tempting to see what a competitor is up to and then do exactly the opposite to attract clients, however, this strategy is a little counterintuitive. This is because clients want to deal with businesses that are recognizable, even if just a little. What businesses can do, however, is make themselves distinguishable. The more distinguishable they are, the better the odds that they will be memorable. Sometimes it’s necessary to shift branding in the opposite direction when the industry as a whole goes through a marketing trough, such as the banking industries post-recession.

Is It Easy To Market Your Brand?

Considering those 5 to 7 impressions you need to make in order to capture the attention of your next prospective customer, is it easy to bring your brand across? For instance, your logo, color choice, and layout should make it simple enough to identify your brand within seconds. From a design perspective, it’s important to have the design layout easily readable by other equipment, such as printers. Vinyl cutters are also entirely digitized which means these files can easily be converted to stickers, t-shirt cutouts for uniforms and caps, and more.

It is really helpful to hire a branding agency. The main advantage is that a branding agency has experience in the field and is thus aware of all the nooks and corners of the field. This will help the company to set up a brand value in the market and in turn, make it successful.

Is Your Brand Targeted?

It’s easy to shoot fish in a barrel and that same concept should be applied when you consider your ideal target market. Consider the various demographic factors, for instance, high-income earners and low-income earners have different needs and desires, and while there might be some overlap with certain services and products, it’s important to know where your business fits in. When your branding is targeted, it’s easier to get your ideal customer to buy into your brand.

Before buying stock and figuring your advertising campaign, branding is the single most important decision as it provides identity to your business.