Website Builders: Easier Than Ever Before


Hello Gorgeous…Web Design

You might have noticed the term ‘website builder’ floating around or perhaps you have already been using one, either way knowing how to choose the best website builder for your business will maximize your company’s user experience.

If you are like most companies, you have found yourself paying for programmers to code or perhaps you have tried your own hand at coding to build your website. Usually, the end result is a lot of wasted time, money and effort. Thankfully, like all things, website building has become incredibly user-friendly.

If You Build It…

Back in the ’90s, when websites were first created, building a website was a time-consuming, overly complicated and limited. Today, it is all about streamlining, simplicity and integration. Website builders have truly revolutionized traditional website and put creative licensing back in the hands of the company. Instead of feeling out-teched by coding, website builders offer so many easy-to-use features, like drag-and-drop functionality. Now you can finally DIY!

Not all website builders are created equal, nor do they have to be. Below are a few important criteria to consider as you begin the website building process.

– 1. Do you want some coding involved or not?
– 2. Are you an E-Commerce brand?
– 3. What’s your budget?
– 4. What’s your timeline look like?

Choosing a website builder doesn’t have to be difficult. There are so many fantastic options and by making a quick pro and con list, you will be well on your way to the website of your dreams.

Dare to Compare:

Let’s start with the first question. There are many amazing website builders out there, like WordPress, Wix, and Ucraft. They each offer unique features and designs to build an incredible website. If you can handle some coding or programming, WordPress is a great option. That being said, it is still easy to navigate and offers many template themes. It is also free-to-use and offers e-commerce integration. As far as time is concerned, WordPress is highly-detailed and in the long-run needs some code, so out of the three examples it may take you the longest amount of time to set up.

Wix, on the other hand, doesn’t require coding at all. There is an option if you know some programming, or choose to utilize a programmer, to alter some of the design elements and personalize your website’s appearance. Wix, unlike WordPress, costs money unless you are willing to use their domain and run Wix ads. That being said Wix offers an all-inclusive package meaning that you control all your design, content, integrations and features, while they handle the backend. Being easy is convenient, but if your company needs a more professional, tailored look,you may want to go elsewhere. Since it is DIY, many customers appreciate it is straightforward and quick.

Ucraft, in comparison, really lets you take the wheel. You merely create an account, sign up for free and choose one of their quick-click templates. Ucraft is an excellent website builder and a game-changer when it comes to personalizing your website. The editor on Ucraft is easy-to-use , with no coding required. It also offers great integration features such as e-commerce, blogs, marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). With a website builder like Ucraft, you can expect a lot of personality and user control.

Quick Tips

As you can see from the above comparisons , each one has some things that will suit your specific business needs . Keep these quick tips in mind, to help you narrow down your choice.

Know your business model. If your company is all about the creative, using a website builder that offers drag-and-drop editing is fantastic. It will help you really personalize your design, with paint overlays, special imaging features and more. If your model is all about e-commerce, make sure you choose a website builder that offers extensive tools in that space, such as payment integration and shipping calculators.

In a Nutshell

Whether you are a big corporation or a mom and pop shop, there is a perfect website builder to help you achieve your website dreams. Regardless of budget, building a website no longer has the barriers it used to, like code or complicated algorithms. Do your research and be sure to match all your needs to a website builder to attract the most traffic and of course, meet the bottom line of getting those visitors to become customers.