Beautifully Designed Educational Sites


There are lots of educational sites but when we are talking about beautifully designed, it’s quite another story. Educational sites came to existence with the main purpose of giving information and being helpful for students, who work hard for their academic endeavor. That is why their design is often non-nonsense and austere.

However, the engaging and fun-filled learning environment is what sets beautifully designed educational sites apart from the rest. Let’s admit it – eye-candy is still a half of success, whether the student came to your website to buy research papers cheap or to find a rare book. Let’s take a look at some of the most outstanding educational sites, design-wise.

FunBrain is a beautifully designed educational browser game which is largely intended for kids, but adults can find it useful as well. This site makes you learn while having fun. There is a wide selection of activities to exercise your brain: games, reading materials, videos, and math zone – a true gym for your mind! There so many skills to upgrade – from critical thinking and problem-solving to spelling, comprehension, and more.

By the way, this site is not just wonderfully suited for kids, but also for educators and parents.

Not all students are in good relationships with Math. I am one of this wretched lot. It took me some time to be on good terms with the subject. Beautifully designed sites like CoolMathGames helped me to overcome the fear of Math challenges.

CoolMathGames makes Math entertaining and interesting for people who otherwise would be allergic to this subject. This resource makes students realize that Math is worthy of their time. It caters to people 13 to 100 years young explaining Math-related disciplines such as algebra, pre-calculus, and other brainy-sounding words. With it, you will be able to solve problems and find the correct answers using formulas – all for the fun of it!

Committe or Committee? Tounge or Tongue? Well, as it turned out, I am not that good at spelling either. Recently, I had to write a paper by hand and I must say that without my autocorrect I began to hesitate over the correct spelling of the seemingly trivial words. That was pretty nerve-wracking.
Never to find myself in this unpleasant situation again, I decided to practice more.

VocabularySpellingCity was created to encourage students to independent learning. Here one can engage different strategies to learn new words with their meanings and spelling, eventually reaching one’s full potential for reading and writing proficiency.

If you were looking for ways to improve your reading and writing competencies and exercise your thinking, this site can help you.

ReadWriteThink is not just a beautifully designed site, it’s a unique environment for students, parents, teachers and even professionals who seek to improve their skills. It offers exercises, strategy guides, apps, a vast library, and even live meetings and events to build a community of people who love language.

Grammar isn’t a boring school subject. It’s something we have to deal with every day because every now and then, we are creating complex sentences to communicate our more elaborate thoughts or simply to describe a chain of events with rather complicated causality.

Unfortunately, we are often ignorant of grammatical tools English has in store to convey nuanced meanings. For instance, do you use subjunctive correctly? EnglishGrammar101 will be your source of grammar wisdom. After learning grammar with the help of this beautiful resource, it will all become natural and intuitive to you.

Nowadays, when computers, phones, and games are part of our everyday lives, many students wish to make technology their career in the future. For the enthusiasts who want to know how to create their own app, game or anything made of code, this site has all they need.

Studio.Code.Org teaches nearly 40 million students programming in JavaScript, CSS, HTML and other languages. It has courses for kids as young as 4 years old, and even some “analog” exercises that don’t require a computer.