All You Need To Know About Explainer Video Companies


It is no secret that we are at the epicenter of the technological age and most aspects of our lives have a slight touch of technology. Couple this with the ever-rising internet use and you get a perfect picture of the situation.

One of the marvels that have come up in the technological age is explainer video companies. The companies are self-explanatory by nature as they deal in explainer videos.

To know more about the company and their deals, the perfect question to ask is, what are explainer videos?

Explainer Videos
An explainer video is a short animated video that many new age companies use to explain ideas or shed more light on their brand. They can be used as advertisement tools to give more information about the company and/or its products. The videos can also find good use in schools where tutors can use the videos in explaining concepts to students.

The videos are normally short and use animated characters for easy perception. The characters may have their own voices or have a voice over depending on the preference of the hiring company.

The Explainer Video Company
The explainer video company takes the role of making the short animated clips according to the specifications set by the hiring firm. The company most of the time has a background in media and journalism, advertisement or graphic design for professionalism. Some combine an aspect from each of the aforementioned backgrounds to bring out the best services.

Duties Of An Explainer Video Company
The main workload of an explainer video company is to make short animated videos that capture the topic intended. Once you have an idea on what you want, you source for a good company and give them the notion and discuss on the end product.

The company takes over from here and puts in maximum effort in bringing out the best video clips that resonate well with your target audience.

Apart from creating videos, below are some of the other services that an explainer video company may offer.

Consultancy And Advisory Services
The companies may offer advisory and consultancy especially in matters dealing with video advertising. The company may offer important tidbits on how to go with your marketing so as to create more visibility for your brand.

The explainer videos are a branding tool which is a major concept in advertising. The company may also major in advertising and help in creating awesome videos with relevant content to your target base.

General branding
The companies may also offer branding services in a bid to make your companies brand more visible. Apart from the videos, the company may also specialize in photography and graphic design in a bid to spruce your identity in the market.


Explainer video companies are growing towards they deserved mainstream appeal and are gaining major traction in the technological world. The companies not only make videos for business and commerce purposes but may also design educational clips, mini and web documentaries among many short explainer videos.

Look out for the best video companies to get the best deal in brand promotion and supply of educative material.