Pros & Cons of Buying Flash Drives in Bulk


We are now fully immersed in the online and computer culture. Even those who have held on to paper storage methods are now becoming converted as they realise the benefits of using their computer or external storage devices. Long gone are the days of the large cumbersome filing cabinets which used to take up huge amounts of space in offices and homes. We no longer need to worry about losing the important piece of paper and we no longer need to wait for the postal service to deliver our latest important documentation, most of our paperwork is completed, returned and stored online, making it safer and less prone to loss. Processes have been vastly speeded up.

We also wish to be able to share and distribute information and can use a variety of methods to do that. One of the options for both storage and distribution is the flash drive. This is an extremely handy piece of equipment which uses a USB port in a computer. Flash drives come in different sizes and what you want to store will determine the size of the flash drive that you will need. Information can be stored to the flash drive and it can be taken from the flash drive, so, what are the pros and the cons of not only purchasing a flash drive but purchasing them in bulk.

Cost can be a major concern especially if you are a business who are in the habit of using multiple flash drives for a variety of purposes. By purchasing flash drives in bulk, you will tend to save money and the more you purchase, the more savings there are to be made. If you are purchasing large amounts, even small savings can mount up into large sums of money, You will also be able to save on postage costs as with large, bulk orders, postage is often free. Your supplier can afford to pass on larger discounts with the more that you buy as their buying cost per item is also reduced. If you plan to buy significant amounts, it may be worth contacting the supplier to see if they will be prepared to offer you a further discount, they may rather have a reduced profit per item in order to obtain a large cash amount.

Buying in bulk means that you will never run out of storage space again, you will always have a solution at hand but it can come at a disadvantage too, family members or employees can decide to help themselves but if you buy enough, there should be enough for everyone!

Flash drives are exceptionally portable, they can be put in your pocket, hung on a key ring or put in your purse or bag. They can be carried to and from meetings allowing you to present your information on various pieces of hardware. They can be taken back and forward to the office, allowing you to take work home and rather than have to remain at the office, you can leave to go home, taking your work with you. The portability of the flash drive can also have a downside as it means that it is also easier to lose. Make sure you keep it safely in purse, use a keychain or wear it around your neck.

Separate Tasks
Buying your flash usb drives in bulk allows you to separate out your tasks, using different flash drives for different aspects of your work. So, anything you do at home can be kept separate from anything that you do at work, holiday photographs can be separated out for example.

Sharing Information
Having your flash drives purchased in bulk can allow you to load information into them and distribute them to colleagues who can then use the information on various devices both at work and at home. This is especially useful for larger files.

Longer Term Storage
Flash drives are cheap enough to enable you to create a library of drives, colour coded or marked in such a way so as to allow you to access information, much like the old filing system but in a much more compact and efficient way. You can purchase storage pockets for the flash drives and it not only makes sense for home use but for business use too.

Your Customers
Reaching your customers, reminding them that you are there and keeping their attention focused on you is always a tricky task for the marketing department of any business. In business, there is always going to be competition and you want to be able to put yourself ahead of that when you can, you want repeat customers and you want to reach new customers too. You could really become quite creative and store some information to be sent to your customers at various points of the year. Take advantage of Christmas and other events in the year to either wish your customers well with a personal message from your company or use it to promote your services in a more unique way.

In summary, there are many reasons to buy your flash drives in bulk and remember that buying a good quality product from a reputable manufacturer will save you in the long run as the device is much less likely to break or run into problems. A reputable manufacturer will be able to tell you about their products and will be happy to spend time discussing your requirements. Look for a company with a welcoming and informative website and look for reviews, independent if you can, on both the product that you wish to purchase and the company from whom you plan to make your purchase. Take the overall picture from the reviews and avoid becoming hung up on single, specific reviews. Before your bulk buy, you could decide to test the product with a one off purchase With the devices becoming cheaper now, bulk buying is definitely an option open to most.