5 Ways Instagram Marketing is Boosting Sales


In today’s world where social media is how we all stay connected, Instagram is perhaps the most popular platform. Not only is Instagram a networking powerhouse for individuals, but it’s also an excellent tool for businesses of all sizes who want to boost sales. Connecting with customers has never been easier and with the help of Instagram strategies like choosing the right graphics and using appropriate hashtags, you can connect with thousands of new potential buyers. Your business can experience immense benefits by learning to use Instagram marketing. Here are five strategies that you can use as you explore Instagram for your business.

Build a Following

Once you have created an Instagram profile for your business, the first step to successfully using it to boost sales is to build a following. Start by thinking about your current customer base. How many of these people are already using social media? Let your current customers know that you are now active on social media. Start by contacting email subscribers and adding an Instagram badge on your website. Invite your current customers to follow you on Instagram and ask if they would share your profile with their followers to spread the word about your business.

Another smart strategy is to look for Instagram users who have an existing interest in your products or services. Start by doing a search on Instagram for other profiles that are closely related to your industry. For instance, if your company sells organic dog food, look for other Instagram profiles with large numbers of followers that have an interest in organic pet food. Once you find a popular profile or hashtag that fits your niche, start following people that follow that account. This will take some time, but it is well worth the effort.

In many cases when you follow someone on Instagram, they will follow you back. This is a quick way to build a following of people who you are fairly certain Are interested in your products and services. Once you have added many new followers driving sales through your Instagram profile will start to happen naturally.

Make a Good First Impression

Take a look at your Instagram profile from an objective standpoint. If you were an Instagram user who knew nothing about your business, would your profile leave a good impression? Carefully examine your profile picture, your recent posts, and your bio. What do these things say about your business? Do you have a link to your website included in your bio? Is it easy to gain information about your business by looking at your Instagram profile? Is your page cluttered or is it easy to view?

Carefully think through all of these things as you design your Instagram profile to ensure that you make a good first impression on potential customers who visit your Instagram page.

Post Regular Updates

If you only use Instagram a few times each year, it won’t be an effective marketing strategy for your business. It won’t even be an active profile. It’s important to keep your Instagram profile fresh so that your products and services and company name are consistently in front of your followers. Make it a habit to post new Instagram stories at least once a day.

Give special consideration to the time of day when you post to reach the largest audience. Think about what time of day your potential customers are most likely going to be using social media. Will they be using it at work? Will they be using it in the evenings? Carefully plan the timing of your posts to best reach your target audience.

Keep Your Content Relevant

When you first start trying to post to Instagram, it can be challenging to know what exactly to put on your profile. While you want to make sure that your posts are boosting sales, you don’t want your profile to appear like spam. Every post should not be sales driven. Make sure you add other content as well. Look for funny pictures or memes that are relevant to your business. For example, if you are selling organic dog food, the Internet has no shortage of funny images, videos, and memes that you can share that are relevant to pet owners.

Using quality photos with your posts will also make a difference in how you connect with your customers. You can also post photos of behind the scenes action at your business. What is a typical day like for employees at your business? Candid snapshots of your employees at work make great content for social media.

Engage your customers with questions. Try using the Typeform Quiz Maker to interact with followers in a meaningful way and gain important insights. Find out what your target audience is looking for with these fun little quizzes and you can create a sales funnel that is sure to boost your bottom line.

Most importantly, avoid using too many posts that customers will view as promotional. Studies say that 46% of users claim they will unfollow a profile on social media if it is constantly posting sales.

Try a Live Video

Did you know that Instagram offers a feature where you can broadcast live for your followers? Video streaming is a great way to connect with your customers in real time and interact with them through comments. There are dozens of ways that you can use live streams to promote your business on Instagram. You could offer a quick tour of your facility, do a live product demonstration, or even host a question and answer session where you can address frequently asked questions from your audience. This is a great way to build new followers and attract attention to your business.

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool when used correctly. Make a good first impression, regularly post great content, and engage with your target audience. It won’t take long before you notice an upswing in your sales with incoming traffic from your Instagram account.