HTML5 Video Converter – EasyHTML5Video Review


You may have been thinking of an efficient way to edit your videos, without the traditional issues of having to download heavyweight apps designed for only a few PC’s which mostly cost a fortune.

There are so many reasons why we would require an easy to use, yet more efficient video converting app, which is well suited for tasks such as compression and extensions among many other features found in the “big wig” video converters. Easy HTML5 Video Converter app is a reviving twist to a generally irritating methodology of extension management and video conversion with respect to video editing.

There are quite a lot of reasons why this makes the rundown: the benefits offered in the premium paid version, as well as an effectively astonishing free form, coupled with the customer satisfaction it gives by including an extremely little watermark on the sides of the output video.

What is EasyHTML5Video?

EasyHTML5Video is a program designed to help you convert any video format to an HTML5 video and to also make your very own special HTML5 videos in simple steps.

When contrasted with making HTML5 videos in the usual way, all you have to do with EasyHTML5Video is to follow three basic steps to create or convert any of your videos to HTML5.
The first step requires you to drop the video document on the EasyHTML5Video app. Secondly, set the poster picture, pick codecs, and tune settings.

Then the last step which requires you to click the “Start” button. When you are done, you will get an HTML page with essential pictures, recordings, and codes.

How does it work?

This software is available on both Windows and Mac platforms and is available in free and premium plans. While you can download and make use of the free version, most of the output of this version will be watermarked.

You may also decide to choose to buy the premium version and get all complete features while getting rid of the watermark. You can also purchase a commercial license based on your requirements.

To install the HTML5 Video Converter, simply download the software to your PC, simply double-click on the install file and install the video converter software. When the software is installed, open it on your PC and you will be prompted to select a video. Now, you may select a video and follow the on-prompt instructions to achieve desired results.

After choosing the video, you will be directed to your workspace where you can make variations to the video.

Using EasyHTML5Video Software on Windows or Mac

Step 1: Double click on EasyHTML5Video icon

Step 2: When the dialog box opens, you will have the options of either dragging the video you intend to alter to the dialog box, or selecting the folder icon to browse through your files to find your video.

Step 3: After selecting your preferred video, you can now select the compatibility (i.e mp4, webM, flash, etc.). You can also select the size and quality of your prospective output, set HTML5 video autoplay and loop mode, add your own watermark, and more.

Step 4: Now click “Start” and patiently wait for the file to be converted.

Benefits of EasyHTML5Video

There is an overwhelming yearning to get more content, increasing interacting options, fundamentally; more extravagant accessories accessible to upgrade the experience of a guest online. In January 2008, HTML5 was first examined and started development. It has, therefore, rigorously worked on since the absolute first manifestation in 1993 with MOSAIC, after which it was institutionalized for general use in 1995 with HTML2.0.

Arguably, the greatest and most wanted facility that HTML5 can offer today’s web designer is the VIDEO component.

What you were required to do before EasyHTML5Video, was take the item itself, insert it, compose convoluted and tedious contents to demonstrate a video cut that could be maybe, fifteen seconds in length. Presently, you can utilize the VIDEO component; which is bolstered on Opera, Safari, Firefox, Chrome and IE. HTML Video will never again be the agony with regards your site improvement; it is currently a helpful tool which gives you the ability to work in a joint effort with creation studios, videographers and advertisers to produce web content that will draw traffic, hits and create leads which would, in turn, lead to conversions.

The great, and maybe not very great part is that HTML5 Video Converter is currently under development.

Another method for putting that as indicated by experts is that it’s a developing innovation that will never, in fact, be, ‘finished.’ Speaking of the positivity, the needs required for video addition and conveyance are superior to virtually everything we have seen in the past and there is still so much room for improvement.


This app is accessible on Windows as well as Mac and the videos it generates can display excellently on whatever device people watch them. While you may use the free version for non-profit, you are expected to get the professional version for your business.

HTML5 is absolutely here, and so is this HTML5 Video Converter to make easy the difficult task of seamlessly adding videos to web web pages. All you have to do is install the app, and you can edit video files very efficiently.

In Conclusion

EasyHTML5Video is a free program which serves as an efficient HTML5 video editor. HTML5 Video Converter has also been considered to seamlessly align with all major operating systems ensuring that no one is left out.

Will you be with or against the revolution?

EasyHTML5Video is the revolution key in, or be left out!