5 Advantages Of Using A VoIP Phone System


If you are a business owner or manager that is constantly worrying about efficiency and cost-effective solutions there is a good chance that you have explored many avenues and done tons of research.

Throughout your studies and research, you probably came across something known as the VoIP phone system. A VoIP system is without a doubt one of the best ways for any business to increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of their telecommunications. This is because VoIP systems are systems that utilize the Internet to make phone calls rather than connecting directly to a PBX. So, what are the benefits of VoIP? There are a number of benefits that a business can receive by upgrading to the more advanced VoIP system.

Easy To Scale Up And Down
When you are starting a business it can be hard to predict how many phones you are going to need. This means that you might end up spending tons of extra money on phone lines that could be used elsewhere. With VoIP phones, you can literally get a new line set up as soon as you bring on a new employee.

Numbers Can Stay The Same
Many businesses oftentimes find themselves rearranging and expanding over the years. This sometimes leads to employees getting placed in different parts of the office. Many employees get promoted to different positions. When phones number gets changed things get confusing for both employees and customers. This is where VoIP system can help. These systems allow users to access a web portal to reconfigure the system at any time so that they can keep the same phone number.

Easy Installation
You just learned that VoIP systems use the Internet rather than traditional PBX. This simply means that they do not require any copper wiring. Pretty much all you have to do is set up an IP Phone and you are good to go. VoIP systems don’t require any hardware installation either, which means that you are only going to need the phones alone.

Take Advantage Of Tons Of Features
VoIP system comes along with the same features that you would see with traditional phone systems. Users will be able to place customers on hold, transfer calls, hunt for calls, conference calls, and pretty much everything else that you could imagine. If your concern is that you would have to give up some of your favorite features then you can put that thought out of your mind right now and opt for a VoIP phone system.

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Complete Integration
Being productive and efficient in today’s time means automating. And, this is a realm where the VoIP system excels. This is because they use the Internet. And, because they use the Internet to make calls they can easily integrate with other pertinent business applications. With this type of integration, you will be able to do things like make outbound calls through Outlook, e-mail clients, or bring up a customer’s records when you receive an inbound call. In addition to this, voice mail accounts can easily and quickly be accessed through e-mail. This is a feature that will come in extremely handy for the traveling employee.