Your First Explainer Video: A Guide


Need help making your first explainer video? We’ll give you some tips on how to make one in this guide.

What is the Explainer Video Process?

Explainer videos are quick online marketing videos that help explain anything related to your service or product. If it’s your first time making one, then we suggest that you continue reading to find out how to make the process run smoothly.

Here is a quick summary of how the Explainer video process works.

– 1. Introduction Meeting
– 2. Script
– 3. Storyboard
– 4. Illustrations
– 5. Voiceover
– 6. Sound Effects and Music
– 7. Animation
– 8. Publish

And to make this process successful, you need to define a mission for your video project. It can be difficult to know what explainer video is right if you don’t outline what you’re trying to achieve.

One example of this is to: Increase sales conversion rate by improving the brand trust with your audience. Only then, will you be able to move onto the necessary steps to help you achieve it.

Knowing About Your Current Situation

You need to take time to engage that way you can find out your return on investments (ROI) and key performance indicators (KPI) with more efficiency. Here are the three steps to do it – all of them should be pursued

– 1. Quantitative Perspective: This method requires you to use heatmaps, which is software that discovers where your viewers are clicking on your site. It helps you see how far they’re scrolling on your website and how often they’re viewing your page.

– 2. Qualitative Data Perspective: This method requires you to find your main audience objections in order to remove them from your video content. Define their needs and viewing behaviors so you can make better content for them.

– 3. Bird’s Eye View: You can use tools like Google Analytics to your social media accounts to determine where your ingoing and outgoing traffic is located.

Through using these three strategies, your explainer video company can create more engaging content.

After knowing your current situation, use the explainer video process to ensure that the video is produced correctly.

Additional Tips

Still stuck on trying to make your video reach your audience. Here are some tips you should follow when producing your first explainer video.

– 1. Don’t Force Humor: Just focus on creating engaging content that gets people smiling. Forcing humor will only detract traffic from your site.

– 2. Placement: Direct your viewers to the video above the text via large play button.

– 3. Track Results: Use analytics to discover views, shares, likes, viewer engagement to help constantly improve your video content.

– 4. Explore New Ideas: It doesn’t have to be the same “Hey I’m Bill” video. Make a video that displays your company’s culture.

– 5. Use Visuals Wisely: Fancy visuals can become distracting. Everything that happens on your video needs to reinforce your message.


To conclude, you should think with a developed man when starting an explainer video company. This will help you make video content that’s interesting and engaging to your audience. Always adapt and make sure that your content is marketed correctly for your company is successful in the long term.

Do you have any questions about making an explainer video?

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