Search Engine Optimization 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Local, On-Page, Off-Page and YouTube SEO


SEO still rules when it comes to digital marketing. From off-page SEO to YouTube SEO, SEO is still making a tremendous impact in the marketing sphere. So, as a marketer, you need to brush your SEO skills so that you can stay on top of the game. However, if you are new to SEO, don’t freak. Even SEO gurus started from somewhere. This guide is going to give you the skills you need, the insights necessary, and the techniques required to make you a better SEO expert.

But first, get the basics right.

What’s SEO?

In a nutshell, SEO (abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization) is a set of rules as well as best practices used to rank websites higher on Google. With SEO, you have a marketing tool to take your website high on major search engines, thus increasing viewers and leads. You an use links building services like Globex Outreach. The result is increased sales and overall growth of your business.

On-page SEO vs. off-page SEO

SEO can be categorized into two broad parts; on-page and off page SEO.

– On-page SEO
On-Page SEO is all about optimizing websites to achieve a higher Google ranking. This technique encompasses things like web content optimization, keywords, page title, tags, Meta tags, page structure, etc.
On-page SEO is primarily concerned with ranking websites high on Google—helping them to get more leads.

– Off-Page SEO
On the other hand, Off-Page SEO refers to the variables—which are beyond your control—that Google looks at when ranking pages. Among other things, off-page SEO is dependent on sources like social networks, industry blogs, as well as person search history.

– Local SEO
Local SEO is primarily concerned with optimizing websites to rank higher when it comes to the local audience. With local SEO, your website is made popular on a given locality—which improves local leads. However, to rank high on the local market, you must optimize your website with the city name and address.

With local SEO, you have an incredibly effective market tool you can use to increase your presence online. For instance, if you are based in Ontario, Canada and you are selling genuine shoes, you can use local SEO to get more leads in this area. In such a case, your pages should look like this: Genuine Ontario Leather Shoes or High-quality Ontario Leather Shoes. For example, SEO at Digital Domination Dojo helps local clients rank higher on local searches.

– Local Search
Google knows everybody’s location. Therefore, when you are doing your search, Google will first give you services near you. So, if you want your local leads to improve, invest in local SEO.

– YouTube SEO
Being the second biggest search engine globally, YouTube has much to offer when it comes to marketing. So, as a beginner, it’s best you brush your YouTube SEO skills and beat the competition.

So, what’s YouTube SEO?
The SEO sphere is dynamic—ever-changing from time to time. With SEO, you have a tool to propel your content—including YouTube videos—rank higher and increase your lead generation. In a nutshell, YouTube SEO is all about optimizing channels, playlists, Meta tags, and videos. This will take your YouTube page to the first page of Google.