Litter Picks are Helping The Rubbish Removal Cause In London

London Litter Picks

If you’ve been reading the London news recently, you’ll notice a proliferation of litter picks. Reportedly, over 55 thousand volunteers signed up for over 17 thousand litter picks. Quite a few of these litter picks take place in London and the city’s face is changing. When it comes to rubbish removal London is not lacking. The Capital Cleanup campaign has been around for a while. It’s been promising fun-filled activities like kayaking for canal clearing. The Paddle & Pick campaigns are getting a positive response. People once considered cleaning as the unpleasant duty of dust men. We now think it’s the duty of every responsible citizen.

Eco-Warrior Activity

There has been eco warriors activity in London, according to reports. There are waste management organizations whose content is simply to set up a system for trash disposal. A new environmental awareness is spreading, inspiring citizens to keep their surroundings clutter-free. Rubbish removal London is well underway. We see people stoppinng as they go around, picking up whatever rubbish they can find. In the process, we’re getting cleaner, greener cities. Whether it’s an organised litter pick or a spontaneous clean up, it’s all in the community’s interest. In this climate change era, seeing such concern for the environment is heartening. One thing is certain. Love and care for nature and the environment has never been more needed. Up to recently, there has been an epidemic of littering and illegal rubbish dumping. Now, the work of some intrepid environmental activists is giving a great example to fellow citizens. With this awareness, it’s not surprising that we’re noticing waste management companies like Clearabee. These are companies who have a much-needed role in the community. They provide an essential service, removing large amounts of domestic waste. They also do a lot to spread awareness of the necessity of responsible waste management.

Unlikely Influencers

Individuals like 13 year old Nadia Sparkes aka ‘Trash Girl’, have become influencers. They thousands of followers on social media. ‘Trash Girl’ recently picked up an award in London from the Prime Minister for her heroic activism. She cleans up litter all around her as she goes to school and back. In south London’s Croydon, plucky pensioner Joy Wunsche hated litter piling up around the local bus stop. Giving her personal contribution to rubbish removal London, she grabbed her walking stick and a rubbish bag and headed outside. She proceeded to fill her rubbish bag full.It’s hard to believe this woman is 86 years old. The east London district of Wanstead is bringing out an environmental charter. It has five point plan to clean up the local area. These initiatives have shown that picking up rubbish is not humiliating. It’s empowering. Companies like Clearabee have shown that there’s dignity in rubbish removal. This is an environmentally-friendly activity.

Clearabee – Rubbish Removal London

When councils started charging to remove larger refuse like sofas and mattresses, many people started dumping their rubbish on the fly. Punishing fines were enforced. According to UK Government sources, there were almost a million fly-tipping incidents in 2017/18. Twowo thirds of this was household waste. There’s no need for fly-tipping when companies like Clearabee, who are licensed disposal agencies, are ready to work. They have a tremendous track record on recycling too, as only 10% of what they collect is likely to end up in a landfill. This is the best possible out come for any rubbish we could throw out. Recycling is a key to maintaining the wealth of our community. Rubbish isn’t only a loss. It’s a drain on us all.