How Books Make Us Develop


Books are the most enjoyable form of education. They are not only made for sharing knowledge and experience but also to give us a good time of pleasure. There are many ways that reading books can improve one’s life, starting with information processing and up to stress relief. Here are the ways of becoming a better person by reading books.

Benefits of Reading

Let’s start with the fact that it doesn’t always matter what you are reading. However, the quality of books influences the experience and knowledge one gets. It is always good to enjoy classics, but if you don’ know where to start, you can find a summary to a novel to get the idea of what it dwells on, like Hobbes Leviathan summary or Melville’s Moby Dick summary. But when we talk about increasing one’s vocabulary, almost any book serves this purpose.

– 1. Reading makes us better at empathy
Fiction allows reliving experiences that we would never have, seeing another point of the conflict or just different perspective. This multiplication of truth and perspectives makes us more sympathetic as we learn how other people might feel. It is an essential answer to the question of how to become a better person. Books allow having multiple lives and paths that teach us something.

– 2. It increases vocabulary
It is a simple secret – those who want to write or speak good, should read a lot. It is an automatic process, the more one reads, the more new word they learn. It is even more efficient than actually teaching process. It is both helpful with a native and foreign language.

– 3. It boosts critical thinking
It is a well-proven fact that the more you read, the sharper your brain is. Whether it is a detective, mystery or classic Russian novel like Dostoevsky, reading helps to develop critical thinking. One analyzes information and tries to figure out motivation, reasoning and future result. There is no other tool that will upgrade one’s brain in a more effective way.

– 4. Improves memory
It is especially useful for those, who have troubles remembering things. When one enjoys a novel, they are to remember the setting, the main characters, etc. it is a great exercise to improve one’s memory skills. Those people who read constantly have a good memory, and their brain remains sharp throughout life.

– 5. Reduces stress
Not only is reading very educative and good for cognitive development. It is also enjoyable and pleasant. Basically, it is an opportunity to travel around the world without living your room or even go to a parallel universe. It is proven to reduce stress by up to 60%, which is a great result. After having a stressful day there, is nothing better than reading a good book. It clears one’s mind almost as the meditation.

– 6. Improves creativity
As we learn more possible options and ideas, we tend to get more creative. Also, when people read, they visualize a world of a novel in their brains, which develops imagination and creativity. It also gives inspiration to many readers to create something new and innovative. For example, some of the inventions, like a submarine, appeared at first in fiction books and only after some time they actually came to life.

– 7. Improves writing and communication skills
Writers influence one another as well as other artists. When people read novels crafted by masters, they develop their writing skills; learn new constructions and ways to deliver a thought. It also helps people to communicate in the most efficient manner. Another benefit of reading is that it is great to training concentration. While reading people stay focused and concentrated, this allows them to apply those skills in other spheres of life.

– 8. It is actually quite cheap
Of course, there are exceptions, and not all writers ensure free books. However, this hobby is not only fruitful but also affordable. First of all, a lot of classic pieces are available online for free as e-books. There are also services that allow access to e-books on the monthly fee. And the physical books are not always expensive; needless to say, a lot of them are available completely for free at public libraries.

Reading improves us as people, helps to be more empathetic and tolerant. They also are an enjoyable way to develop various cognitive functions and get better with writing and communication. Books reduce stress and help us to have a good. There are basically no disadvantages to this hobby, so enjoy it!