4 Benefits to Updating Your Web Design


In this day and age, it’s essential for every business to have a website. This is because the internet has changed the way people shop for products and services. If you don’t have any skills in coding, you can hire a web designer in Philadelphia to create it for you. But that’s the easier part. Once a website has been created, it needs to be updated or it will not earn you any traffic. Internet users want to see new blogs, articles, photos, videos and layout when they visit your site. The problem with most entrepreneurs is that they focus so much on owning a website and hesitate in updating it. They forget that a website is exactly what creates an impression to potential visitors. Here is a list of reasons why you should consider updating your web design regularly.

Retain Competitive Advantage

Every business that has an online presence wants to appear in the first page of search engine results regardless of whether visitors use Bing or Google. However, that’s easier said than done. Even if your articles or videos are evergreen, the search engines will not be impressed unless you update them. In fact, the search engines give first priority to content that’s regularly updated. This means that websites that have outdated content are regarded by the search engines as less relevant and are therefore pushed far away from the first page. If you are a doubting Thomas, just type any phrase and you will see that content that was published five years ago will not appear anywhere in the first page of search results.

Improve Visitors’ Experience

A website offers a platform that people can use when they need to access services and products from your business. If you don’t update it every now and then, your visitors will definitely have a horrible experience. As a matter of fact, nowadays majority of internet users browse via mobile devices. You must therefore ensure that your website has been optimized for mobile devices or it will only be accessed via computers and laptops. The consequence is that you will miss many opportunities as your potential visitors will bounce away in favor of other websites that are supported by a wide array of mobile devices.

Tame Security Threats and Attract More Traffic

Updating a website helps in sealing loopholes that are left behind by outdated plugins. If you have a website that’s founded on WordPress, it’s important you update the plugins to ensure that hackers don’t gain unauthorized access into your portal. In fact, research shows that outdated websites are more vulnerable to cyber attacks than those that are updated regularly. Besides that, updating helps in encouraging visitors to be loyal to your website. When visitors enjoy stress free navigation, they will obviously come back to your site next time they need the same product or service. Even visitors feel safe when they are assured that the security of their personal details can’t be compromised.

More Exposure

Failure to update a website limits your marketing potential. For instance, if your website has just three pages, and you want to take advantage of inbound links, you will not be able to market your portal any more after exhausting the three pages. Besides that, the search engines will only index your three pages, which in return will limit your brand exposure. But when you add more pages by breaking down the services and products into their specifics, your portal will get more indexing. This will increase the chances of being found via organic search and paid searches.