3 Benefits of Having a Video Converter


A video converter is essentially just a tool that can be used to convert the format of video files. Nowadays converters can be found in various shapes and sizes – ranging from web apps to software.

Regardless of the form that it takes, there are benefits to having a video converter. In fact being able to convert your videos will allow you to:

– Ensure that you are able to view any video in any format
At some point or other you may have tried to play a video only to see an error stating that it was in an unsupported format. Or the video may seem to play but you could only hear the audio instead.

Both those issues are due to the fact that your device was not able to decode the video data from the format that it was stored in. If you could convert the video format however, you would be able to switch it to a format that your device can decode.

– Compress video files
All videos that you are likely to encounter will be compressed, but the type of compression that is used depends on the video codec. The compression rate can also vary from codec to codec, with some being far better than others.

By converting your video format to use a codec with better compression, you can effectively compress it more and reduce its file size – without affecting its quality. The only caveat is that the codec you choose needs to be supported by the device the video is going to be viewed on.

– Optimize the video for online platforms or specific uses
From time to time you may run into online platforms or specific uses that have strict specifications regarding the video format and settings that are used. In some cases you may not even be able to upload the video or use it in the way that you want to unless it is in the right format.

Having a video converter is your best option to ensure that you’re able to optimize the video when required. Typically video converters will let you adjust the other video settings as well, meaning that you should be able to cater fully to any specifications that you encounter.

Make no mistake there are other benefits that come with having a video converter as well, but you should be starting to see the role that it can play.

If you’d prefer to use a web-based video converter rather than software you could try Online Video Converter. It will let you easily convert your videos to any format that you need, and for example you could use it as an AVI to MPEG converter online. Because it has no file size limitation, you can upload and convert any video that you require using it.

All in all having a video converter could save you from a lot of hassle when handling videos. In fact considering how frequently you probably do have to deal with video files – it is safe to say it is essential.