Bored Students Create Hilarious Drawings in Textbooks


Being bored in school often requires students to get creative in a variety of ways. Some use daydreaming as their preferred method of coping with boredom and monotony. Others choose to draw simple doodles or even complex masterpieces as a means to pass the time. No matter what, a sense of humor makes it easier to endure long lectures, avoid taking notes and stop thinking about the next tedious exam.

Even though it’s best to pay attention in class, creativity has plenty of amazing benefits. It can help a person generate better ideas, deal with mental health issues and disabilities, and gain empathy, among other things. Art therapy may be utilized to help prisoners learn to express their feelings in a healthier way. Besides this, those who enjoyed doodling in school have a tendency to become artists. So maybe drifting off in class by using the imagination isn’t the worst thing after all!

Recreating Existing Images

Many amusing drawings have been created by adding to the images that exist in textbooks. This could mean drawing on the image itself or extending the image by drawing outside of it. One funny example comes from the hard rock group Metallica called “Neandertalllica”. It shows an illustrated example of Neanderthals in their natural environment. An especially bored student was inspired to pen in musical instruments for the stone age men to play.

In another book there’s a photograph of an important historical figure with a drawing of a fan blowing the long hair back from his smiling face. A different man of serious demeanor is depicted with a female’s body. Asian men seem to spark humorous ideas in students’ heads. One is giving the peace sign while taking a selfie. In a separate picture an Asian man is riding atop a scooter while he seemingly turns a tight corner. Other popular doodles often include hilarious comic book drawings, a dinosaur drawn on a storage container and science topics gone awry.

Creatively Written Messages

Students also show they have a knack for creative writing as proven by the funny messages written in their used textbooks. They write about the paradoxes of love in margins, add vandalism to blank underlined spaces and create comic book bubbles with witty text inside. One clever student writes detailed instructions to head to different pages in his/her book only to lead the reader to a cartoon monster at the end. In the “Issued To” section there can be mentions of popular characters such as Captain America, The Spiderman, Superman and The Dark Knight.

Colorfully inked stamps are displayed beside the fictional heroes to show they’ve checked the book in and out. Other used textbooks that have been vandalized are issued to famous personalities like Bruce Jenner and Michael Jackson. Cartoon characters from Spongebob Squarepants and Doraemon are featured expressing their familiar personalities on the pages. A missing element has also been added to the periodic table labelled as “the element of surprise”.

Pursue the Right Passion

Even though drawing in textbooks can be amusing, it’s also known as vandalism. The most important thing to do is to respect them by being grateful for the educational material they provide. It’s much easier to get good grades in school and have a successful career by reading used textbooks rather than mistreating them. Students who have a passion for art may want to consider enrolling in extra art classes in their free time or going to college for a creative career. Pursuing the right passion is the best way to achieve success and enjoy a career.

It’s true that some classes lack the right amount of creativity to satisfy the most studious students. Expressing oneself appropriately is vital to a person’s overall health and happiness. For this reason, schools may do better by incorporating more creative activities into their curriculums. This might be helpful to encourage students to pay attention in class.

Drawing in a textbook can be great fun but it’s likely to be against the school rules. Instead, to be on the safe side, grab a piece of scrap or notebook paper to draw on. Remember that using the imagination can be great motivation to do better in school. Listening in class while creating fun drawings is a smart way to gain the necessary knowledge to succeed and be an artist. Consider taking art classes to satisfy the need to be expressive.