Time Management Tips for Effective Essay Writing


In life, there are some things which when you lose you will not recover such as time. A day-to-day cycle incorporates a twenty-four hour period. Many people wish to have much more time during the day. And since no one can control time, it is important to embrace time management. Realizing this fact and using pre written essays is efficient and effective for successful essay writing. It comes in handy more so when the deadline of your academic task(s) is looming in or has undergone some alterations in the last minute.

Nevertheless, despite the pressure to beat the deadline when it comes to managing your academic writing assignments, you have the likelihood of producing the best quality of your time management essay. Additionally, essay writing assignments are a burdensome and overwhelming task for many students more so, when they have short deadlines. Contrariwise, they are significant in your academic life as a student as they help showcase the knowledge you have been able to gather from the topic at hand. Hence, you need to learn how to manage your writing tasks within the set deadline. And according to EssayKitchen, below are some college time management tips you can use to handle your academic writing assignments.

Identify and recognize your tasks

Before you begin working on your assignments, you first need to identify and recognize your tasks. What assignments require your immediate attention? Can you work on them within the time frame set by the instructor? Knowing this will help you identify which tasks to work on first. Additionally, it will help you budget your time in a wise manner so that you can dedicate enough time on each task. Hence, you will not feel the pressure to deliver your work on time while not minding the quality.

Conduct basic research and write a brief outline

The second time management tips for college essay writing is conducting basic research. Once you know which task you are going to work on, you need to carry out a study. Gather all the relevant information which you can use to write your paper. Use information from credible and reliable sources. Conducting research helps you have a better comprehension of the subject and how well you can defend your thesis statement. Additionally, it helps keep you on track.

After gathering all the information you will need, write a brief outline. The purpose of this is to help you partition your work into manageable parts. Additionally, the outline will help you to write your paper with ease as you will refer to it as a guide.

Ensure your assertions are strong enough to back up your thesis statement.

Detach from technology

While working on your essay writing tasks, ensure you disconnect yourself from technology. Detach yourself from all social networks. Respond only to crucial calls. Distracting yourself from the essay writing process is the last thing you need if your objective is to embrace the effective use of time. Additionally, you do not need distractions if you are aiming to produce a good quality article in a short period. So, ensure you work on your tasks in a distraction-free environment.

Find a quiet place such as your dorm room or the library to get the right mindset. Also, this will help you to leave behind all the sneaky or edgy feelings. Do not succumb to defeat before the actual fight starts. Instead, stay positive and be confident that you can produce a good paper and impress your instructor.

Find keywords

Before you begin the actual writing, go back and read the essay prompt in a careful manner. Find the keywords which will act as the guidance tool for the structure and content of your paper. Focus on the verbs in question such as ‘discuss,’ ‘compare and contrast,’ ‘summarize,’ and ‘evaluate’ among others. Finding directives and knowing their meaning can help you formulate a plan and instill more confidence in you about the article you will write.

So, try to annotate the essay prompt. Underline and circle the keywords in the question to ensure you do not miss out on anything significant.

Take down notes

After reading the essay prompt, take down notes fast of what comes to your mind concerning the prompt. Jot down quotes, thoughts for and against the subject, and concrete time management examples. Take it as a free-write: a means to gather ideas without the pressure of accuracy or organization. Be assertive and use associative logic. Do not worry too much about whether you will meet all the requirements or not. Your focus is to gather as many ideas as you can and draw from them later.

Create an outline

“Drafting a time management outline is without a doubt one of the most fundamental time management tips in effective essay writing,” siad Joel Donnelly, an academic professional at EssayKitchen. After you finish jotting down the notes, start organizing your thoughts in the outline. Do not fall for the temptation to begin writing the essay. The purpose of an outline is to help you structure your paper and provide you with a solid direction to follow to stay on track.

The length of your paper depends on the essay prompt. When creating your outline, develop a thesis statement and a few points to support it (the topic sentences of your body paragraphs). Also, when creating your outline, do not forget the logical order of your body paragraphs.

Write the introduction and conclusion

An essay constitutes three major parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The introduction introduces the audience to your work whereas the conclusion shows them that it has come to an end. After creating your outline, you can begin working on the introduction and conclusion. Many people believe that these should be the last bits to work on when writing your paper. But, since you are through with the body, you have to work on these two. If you do not know how to go about it, purchase pre-written essays from a custom essay writing service and have a look. This will help you know how to start your introduction in an effective manner.

Budget your time

Time management in a sentence may seem to be an easy-to-comprehend statement. However, many students do not know how to go about it. There is more to it as you have to use your time in an efficient and effective manner. You need to keep track of it while working on your assignments. Know how much time you spend on a particular task. Realizing this will help you know if you can learn how to write an essay in an hour or less. Hence, you will be able to finish most of your tasks within the set deadline as well as work on others.

Spare some time for proofreading

Now that you are through with the writing process, you are feeling some relief. You want to deliver your paper to the instructor. But before doing so, you need to proofread your article. Words for time management require you to spare some time for proofreading. Do not use too much time to write your paper. This is because during an exam, you will not have the time to proofread it and it will grant you bad grades. So, ensure you save some time for the proofreading bit.

In conclusion, writing an essay is an infuriating and cumbersome task for many students more so when they have short deadlines. Students face the pressure of delivering accurate and high-quality articles. The papers also need to have proper organization and structure. But, you can change all this if you use your time well. Essay writing may no longer be an overwhelming task if you embrace the tips for time management in college above. Not only will you learn how to finish your assignments on time but also enjoy essay writing.