Design Rules for Building Eye Pleasant Site


Websites that are appealing often get a lot of traffic because they are considered to be trustworthy. It is for this reason that most companies and individuals do their best to build a site that will attract their right audience. Fortunately, websites can be developed as a DIY project, but if you feel overwhelmed just thinking about your website, you need to hire a professional. Most times, a quick search online will reveal companies and individuals that can set up an appealing site for you.

What to look for in a website designer or website builder

A company website can contribute to its growth or hinder prospective clients from engaging with their services and products. Therefore, it is important to work with a professional to build the best website possible or sign up with top website builders. If you choose to hire a designer, it is essential to consider the tips below to increase your chances of getting an excellent site.

– Go for experience
Website design companies that have been in the business for many years can handle different projects and give a satisfactory outcome. Most times, they use their years of experience to guide them into designing an appealing yet functional website for clients. Alternatively, if you decide to go the DIY way, it is advisable to work with website builders that are deemed to be reliable and gives you a chance to stretch your creativity muscles.

– Ask for a portfolio
Go beyond their word and ask for a collection that showcases websites that they have built over time. Check for professionalism in the sites they have designed and check out whether they are user-friendly. Ensure that the clientele they serve match your company so that you can know whether they can deliver a satisfactory site. Additionally, confirm if they built the sites that they shared with you by calling the companies so that you are not duped.

– Creativity
No one website should resemble another in the look and feel if it is to stand out from others online. Therefore, it is essential to hire a creative designer that can create a unique website that brings out the best side of your company and can easily be navigated by users. Website designers that can create one or two distinct samples are worth hiring to build your site. When using a website builder, ensure that the template chosen is a good match for your business or pay for a template that can be customized to your needs.

– Budget-friendly
Deciding to build a website is the first step towards getting your company online and connecting with potential customers. Even so, sites cost money and can get quite expensive depending on the features that have to be included in its overall design. It is essential to have a budget when hiring a company so that you get a site that meets your needs but does not dent your pocket. Additionally, if you are low on cash, you can use a free website builder but keep in mind that some features will require payment before you can access them.

4 ways to make your website design eye-catching

An eye-catching web design can make a potential client stay on your site longer than planned and even convert them into a customer. Appealing websites can be designed using a wide variety of website builders that offer free and paid packages to their clients. If you are planning to build an attractive website, you will need to follow some basic design rules.

– Select a simple design
Simple and neat designs help an online user to relax and engage with the website much more than they would with a busy site. Ensure that all the pages have a similar design so that people browsing through the site enjoy consistency. Most times, these sites load much faster resulting in viewers staying longer on the site and even considering to purchase services or products. Also, navigation of the site should be straightforward with the menu tab easily identifiable on the landing page.

– Choose the right colors
Colors play a significant role in website design and should resemble those used by the company or the brand. Bright colors are considered to be more appealing as they set the mood of the site resulting in an inviting platform. Ensure that the colors chosen complement other design elements of the website so that the overall look is eye-catching. Additionally, you can use a variety of shades and tones of the same color to make it attractive to current and potential website visitors. Some of the color schemes commonly used when designing sites are triadic, monochromatic, complementary and analogous among others.

– Consider the content layout
Content that is easy to read makes a website interesting an appealing to online users that come across it while browsing the web. It is vital to ensure that the information displayed on the site is consistent and clear for the benefit of those reading it. Ensure that there is enough white space in between the paragraphs, and the headings are highlighted for better visibility. Also, you can add images within the content to enrich it and give readers a break when reading through large blocks of text.

– Make it easy to navigate
Navigation of a website is critical in its overall design as it determines whether visitors will go beyond the landing page. Clicking on hyperlinks, buttons and different tabs should lead a visitor to the right page with the information they seek. All navigational tools on the website should be eye-catching so that users can quickly click on them. Additionally, it is important to label all tabs clearly both on the landing page and other extra pages that make up the website.

All in all, websites that are well designed are worth the investment when working with a web designer or building it on your own. Most appealing sites end up attracting clients that are interested in your services or products.