5 Tips to Landing a Job Out Of College


On your graduation day, everyone is genuinely happy. People will even set aside everything else to come and celebrate this day with you. From your end, this day comes with mixed emotions. You are most likely feeling happy for completing that difficult course that you almost gave up on. At the same time, you may also feel anxious since you do not have an idea of what to expect after this day. Will you get a job after this? How long will that take? To ensure that you get to enjoy the days after completing college, you need to find a way to secure a job right after school. Below are tips to help you achieve this.

Redeem Your Resume

A resume is the first contact potential employers have with you. It should be creatively written to represent an imaginary picture of you. Your resume should highlight your potential, which compensates for your lack of experience. You can ask for help from the school career office, classmates or relatives who have also written amazing resumes before. You can also contact a professional resume builder for such services. Supply them with all your information and wait for a mind-blowing transformation on your resume.

Make Connections

Connections in school can help you land the best job without searching. Keep up with friends, lecturers and other students who can inform you when there is an opening near them. Consider making connections outside the institution too as this might also help with the job search. Inform all your relatives that you are looking for a job. Those who hear of an opportunity will let you know. They might also become your employers if they have an opening at their workplaces. The school’s career office can also connect you with potential employers within your field. You should make a point of visiting it regularly.

Apply For Jobs

Apply for more than one job. This increases your chances of being hired. You can send as many resumes as you can to sites and emails provided on listed jobs. You can also walk in firms and drop your resume whether they have a job opening or not. In case they get one, you will most probably be considered. Do not let geographical difference hinder you from making an application. Take the risk and apply for jobs even outside your locality. The fear of starting away from home might be overwhelming, but this might be the best decision for your career path.

Attend Internships

Internships might not be a requirement for you to graduate, but make a point of getting one or several. An internship within your field gives you a better view of what to expect if you follow your career path. During this time, you go through practical tutorials on job training skills that set you apart from the rest. You will get great recommendations, and this helps you clinch that position faster. Additionally, you can get absorbed into the company if they see potential in you.


You can hold mock interviews with friends and family to prepare you for the actual interviews. Ask those around to give honest opinions and advice on what to improve on. You can also visit your school’s career office and talk to career experts. They can guide you and offer materials to prepare for interviews and jobs within your field of study.