Why Guest Posts are an Important Part of SEO


Guest posting is commonly used by websites in order for them to be able to obtain links from other websites. A guest post is a contribution to someone else’s blog or an article or blog on a particular subject that is placed on someone else’s website. A link is made to the ‘author’ by the third party and in that way the ‘author’ receives a link from the third party site. When a site receives links from other sites, it increases their domain authority and the increase in domain authority can help them to rank higher on search engines such as Google. So it’s always essential to check out your website’s SEO reports which can help you improve your website profitability.

Companies who are wanting to take advantage of the increasingly popular online market for products and services would look to use guest posts as higher rankings on the search engines translate to higher volumes of traffic to their website. It is however important that the guest post be published on a reliable and well thought of site as linking to an unreliable or ill considered site can do damage to your site, you only want to be associated with reputable sites.

If you use a Google search asking for ‘guest posts’ or ‘looking for a guest post’ or ‘submit a guest post’, you will find a wide choice of sites offering guest post opportunities. It is then up to the purchaser to decide which site or sites are going to be suitable for them to approach. It is important to purchase relevance, if you are selling shoes, there is no point in you linking to a site which sells fishing tackle, it would just not be relevant to you at all and as such would not be helpful to your site and in fact too many irrelevant links could prove harmful to your own site. It would then be up to the purchaser to decide upon the reputation of the site that they plan to link to, this is important. Your reason for purchasing guest posts is to add power to your site so the links that you purchase do not only have to have quality and relevance but they have to have power too. You can purchase links with varying degrees of power and it would be up to the purchaser to compare relevance vs quality vs power before they make the purchase.

Cost will also be a factor as in general, the more powerful the link, the higher the cost to you. It is the case that you can negotiate to a certain degree, the cost of the link but in general you will pay more for good quality, powerful links. Do not be tempted to go for cheap links as they can lead to your own website receiving penalties or worse being damaged to a point beyond repair, it is just not worth the risk. If money is in short supply, buy fewer, more relevant links rather than more of the poor quality ones, after all it could be a disaster for your business if you had to start all over again!

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is all about improving the traffic to a website and guest posts are therefore an integral part of that process.