Top Programming Languages For Mobile App Development In 2019


It doesn’t matter if you are someone who is just entering the app development industry or someone who holds expertise in the field of software development, programming languages act as a basic foundation for them.

But there are a ton of programming languages out there and to find out the one that is suitable for you can turn out to be quite a hectic task. Don’t worry! We have curated a list featuring some of the best programming languages that can help you in taking over the IT industry by storm.

Best Programming Languages For App Development In 2019

So without wasting any further time, let’s just jump straight to the list of top programming languages for mobile app development in 2019 that you shouldn’t miss at any cost:

– Ruby
– Swift
– Java
– Python

1. SQL

The term SQL stands for Structured Query Language, which is a programming language that is used to operate various databases. This programming language also includes functionalities like storing, manipulating and retrieving of data stored in a relational database.

Basically, we can also say that the SQL language keeps the data precise as well as secure. In addition to this, it also helps in maintaining the integrity of multiple databases at a particular time, irrespective of their varying sizes.

2. Ruby

Next, we have Ruby on the list of leading programming languages for this year. This language was developed in the late ’90s in Japan as an open source and dynamic programming language. The primary objective of Ruby was to mainly focus on productivity as well as the simplicity of the entire development process.

This programming language was designed while keeping the theme of simplifying the programming environment for the developers and programmers while adding a fun element to it.

Apart from this, Ruby also gained popularity from its Ruby on Rails framework which is basically a full-stack web app development framework. Here, mobile app developers can create their app with just a few lines of code!

3. Swift

Another note-worthy programming language is Swift which is more like a general-purpose and open-source language. This programming language was compiled and developed by one and the only – Apple Inc.

So in case you are looking forward to building a native iOS or even a MacOS application then Swift is your go-to programming language. One can also say that Swift is highly influenced by a combination of different programming languages like Ruby and Python. In other words, Swift is a beginner-friendly that is fun to use in the mobile app development process.

Another major plus point about this programming language is that, even if the app developer or programmer holds expertise in other languages like JavaScript, Java, Python, or C#, they can still easily switch to Swift without any hassle.

4. PHP

The term PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor which is a general-purpose programming language. This programming language can also be defined as a scripting language that runs on a server and is used to build web pages that are written in HTML.

Some of the advantages of this programming language are:

– Free of cost
– Easy to set up
– Simple to implement
– Time-effective

Today, PHP has become one of the most popular options for programmers as well as mobile app developers for developing web page content that is dynamic in nature. Yes, PHP has its pros but still, there are some cons to this programming language like the slow website performance and increased loading time.

5. Java

The next name we have in the list of best programming languages is Java which is one of the most famous names in this list. Basically, it is a highly compatible cross-platform language that works independent of the platform as app developers and programmers have the freedom to code anywhere.

Here, users have the option to compile their code into a low-level machine code, which can later be executed on various platforms using JVM i.e. Java Virtual Machine. Java also helps programmes and application developers in reusing the codes, this further saves time.

Apart from that, this programming language matters a lot for Android app developers as it helps them by providing many additional features and functionalities that aren’t available in the case of iOS app development.

6. Python

For the final contender on our list of top programming languages for mobile app development in 2019, we have Python. This user-friendly software is an ideal candidate for general-purpose coding and is a fundamental technical skill for cloud computing professionals.

The syntax of Python has an intuitive respect of the English Language, consisting of subsets and object-orientated programming that is comparable to other languages such as Java and JavaScript.

Jefferson Frank’s AWS salary survey and trends report found that cloud developers ranked Python as the language expected to be most in demand over the next year, and 54% of cloud professionals said Python was necessary for a successful development career. Cloud app developers using Python with a few years of experience can also expect salaries of around $122,000 in the US.

In addition to that this app development programming language is also object-based and consists of subsets that are quite similar to the ones that are present in another language i.e. JavaScript.

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the top programming languages that are gaining momentum with each passing day. And if you are an aspiring programmer and application developer then our advice to you would be to choose one or more above-mentioned languages.

Also, in order to become a successful mobile app developer, you should not only know the basics of the programming languages but also hold a significant amount of expertise in it. For instance, instead of learning the basic fundamentals of two to three programming languages, you should focus on attaining an expert level in just one programming language.

Remember, programming languages are the foundation on which the entire process of mobile application development is carried out!