7 Effective Techniques for Generating a Response to Cold Emails


Ask anyone that you know in sales – how do you get new clients? They are most likely going to tell you that the golden rule for upping your sales is by generating unique cold emails.

Does this sound familiar?

But, seriously, how to write a cold email?

I’m sure by now you KNOW it’s all about introducing yourself, your services, while at the same time explaining how your services can help the recipient of the email, increase their prospects, their business growth etc.

But, have you already tried those techniques AND still feel like banging your head against the wall?

Don’t worry!

We’re going to give you all the in’s and out’s that you need to increase your sales and jumpstart your cold emailing strategy.

It’s really quite simple!

So, here’s how you can write a cold email that WILL generate an outstanding response!

For starters- Your primary goal should be to get your email read AND to elicit a response.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking.

It is not difficult to get a response to your email but there must be a better way to go about this.
And there is!

Did you know that there are proven scientific ways to influence a person and then persuade them to respond?

I know! How awesome is that!

All you need to do is incorporate these proven persuasion tactics into YOUR next email campaign.

Understand the importance of proper punctuation

There is nothing that maddens a reader more than lower case ‘I’, lack of commas and or periods. Remember, it’s the small things like proper capitalization and correct punctuation can help your email stand out.

Only use an emoji or typo if it mimics the recipient’s style of writing.

Bottom line:

Due to the nature of cold emails, you are unaware of their personal writing style. So, it’s better to take a more traditional approach.

Don’t write long emails

Nobody likes to read a really long email, especially from a person they don’t know. The recipient of the email is most likely not as passionate about your business as you are.

So, it’s good practice to get into the habit of writing short and to the point emails.

You may be asking yourself what if you have an absurd amount of information that you feel compelled to share?

Have you tried using bullet points? If you haven’t YOU should!

Here’s why:
Bullet points are a great way to help the reader extract vital pieces of information that interests them in addition to cutting down on the wordiness of the overall email.

Bottom Line:

This makes the read so much more ENJOYABLE!

Tailor your email according to the recipient

As a rule of thumb, refrain from using a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

You already know that no two people are alike and this applies even more so to businesses whose needs are constantly changing.

You SHOULD take the time to research the recipient and then customize your email based on your understanding of THEIR needs. Remember, sales are always need-based, people only buy when they need something.

Build your credibility

News flash:
It is a good idea to validate yourself to the recipient, you may have done your research BUT they still don’t know anything about you. If there is any information about you that is relevant to the other person, do not hesitate to share it.

Keep it short and sweet:

Now is not the time to get into all the nitty-gritty details about you and your company. This will confuse the reader and worse yet it will deviate the attention away from your core message.

The idea here is to build trust and not distract the attention of the reader.

Choose the correct opening –The B-A-B technique

Before – Here is the situation now, focus on the problem
After – Imagine what would happen if you resolve the problem
Bridge – How to resolve the issue, or to cross the bridge

Get this:
In order to persuade someone, open the email by describing a problem that is relevant to the reader.

Then talk about how the situation will change if they can resolve their problem and close by offering

YOUR service/product that will enable them to solve the problem.

Make your request but give them a way out

This is one of the most effective techniques of persuasion!

Bold statement? Definitely.

But stay with me.

After you have presented your solution, idea or product, now is the time to make your request and tell the recipient that they are free to do whatever they want.


This technique works because you are giving someone the option to decide for themselves and in most cases, they are likely to say yes because you have spurred their curiosity.

Revise before hitting the send button

Revise, revise and revise some more! I can’t stress this enough! Look again, for any mistakes and thoroughly proofread your email before hitting the ‘Send’ button.

Yes, it’s that simple:

A well-written email will generate a response and leave a lasting impression. No email should be sent without a proper revision.

Take advantage of the email formulas

If you are still not sure you can yourself write cold emails, use opportunity of cold email formulas. They were used many times and proved their efficiency.

Surely, you don’t have to simply to cope and paste them. They are just formulas: adapt the best one to your business, preferences, and client’s needs.

Automate email marketing

Have already composed all the emails? Nice of you.

And now it’s time to handle the email sending into the hands of professionals and set your own hands free. Use an email drip campaigns tool to save time: create a chain of emails with trigger elements (that will define the next step in the campaign), schedule the campaign, and start it.

Every email is sent automatically and you only need to be aware of the statistics.

To sum up!
A good Cold Email Service should have the following..

– They are packed with facts
– They are telegraphic
– They are specific
– They have few adjectives
– They arouse curiosity in the reader

Cold Emailing can and should help you build and retain relationships with your clients.

Now, what are you waiting for?

Use these tried and proven techniques to generate new leads and enable you to build new business associations.

Don’t forget, A personalized email does not come from a readymade template.

Good luck and let me know how this helped you customize your cold emailing campaign.