Inspire Others with the BeTop WordPress Theme


Inspire Others with the BeTop WordPress Theme

If you have the ability to help other people, this is considered to be a gift. If you can motivate and inspire others to reach for their dreams, you are making a big difference in their lives. To accomplish this, you need a website that can show the world what you do and who you are.

One WordPress theme that can accomplish this is called BeTop. It can help you showcase all of your talents. It’s built for those that are public speaking, coaching, providing therapy, teaching fitness, and it has all the feature you need to turn those visitors into new clients and customers.

Features for Professionals

You get all the tool you need for your business with this theme. The author of the theme is StylemixThemes and has included everything you would expect in a top professional WordPress theme. You get industry-specific elements so you can get started right away with this theme.

Eight Great Demos

The theme covers various specialties. You have niches such as health coach yoga instructor, therapist, self-motivation, and many more. Each theme has a unique layout and dook to it. You should be able to find the best fit for your individual business. With just a single click you can install the demo right away.

Booking System

You won’t have to search for a booking system plugin as you have it covered with BeTop. The booking system is fully functional. There is an appointment calendar included so you will be able to get your schedule up and running right away. You can process online payments and get email notifications when you have new bookings.

Elementor Page Builder has 20+ Modules you Can Customize

The Elementor feature makes it easy to create some custom page layouts. You can build layouts and then see the results in real-time. There are 20 plus custom modules that you have available to you so you can take advantage of the theme inside the page builder.

Twenty-Three Widgets You Can Customize

There are many included custom widgets so you have a lot of functionality available to you right away.

Works with WooCommerce

If you sell with WooCommerce, then BeTop styles and custom features will work well with it. You get the stability and the functionality of WooCommerce and you also have a professional look so you’ll stand out in the crowd.

Headers and Footers

You want to have a unique website so the header and footer feature allows you to a lot of customization. You can create your own custom footer or header with ease and get it to look just the way you want.

Share Your Personality

You are not just selling a product, you are selling the person you are. You want to share the way you do things, your personality, and some of your success stories. BeTop makes it easy to make that personal connection with your new customers or prospective clients.

Make Your Homepage Unique

You leave that first impression with your homepage. There are demo layouts and styles with the demo themes so you can leave the right first impression. You can add videos, images, provide list services or share your latest blog post easily to increase engagement with users.

Portfolio for Your Successes

With BeTop there are several layouts for portfolios. You can put success stories in there to showcase yourself in a good light. There is a tile, masonry, or a grid layout available. The format is very clean and easy to read for your users.

Display or Create Events with Ease

You have two main ways of displaying events with BeTop. You have a weekly schedule calendar so you can post a listing that is time-based of things that are happening daily. If you have a recurring schedule that doesn’t change a lot, this works well. You also have a calendar for full events that will give more details and it gives the user an RSVP features. BeTop has what you need to accommodate what you’re doing with your business.

Looks Great on All Devices Used

You need a website that works well on mobile devices and BeTop provides that for you. You won’t moss prospective client that are using tablet or smartphones. The theme is very responsive to all devices and it works with all screen sizes as well.

User Privacy

The theme is GDPR compliant so privacy is taken seriously by BeTop. There is an opt-in checkbox for users on event RSVP forms and for appointment booking.


You want to establish a good reputation online so you need a quality WordPress theme and BeTop provides this for you. BeTop will help you establish your business online and makes things easy for you. With StylemixThemes, you also get 24/7 professional support so you can maximize what BeTop can do for you.

Download BeTop Now and start Your way to Success!