DSLR Camera vs. Camcorder: The Beginners Guide


Nowadays, there is almost no household but a camera whether it is a camcorder or a DSLR camera. Both can take pictures and videos. But in case of taking still photos, neither can beat a DSLR camera because its zooming capability is way better than other cameras out there in the market at present.

A camcorder has been designed for filming and recording videos of different motion things. It is convenient also as it has the advantage of holding the camcorder inside your hands and thus you can take shake-free videos. On the other hand, if you are going to use a DSLR camera for filming, you have to use other video-capturing gear like a video tripod to get good videos that are not shaky. If you want to know more about the camcorder, you can visit techwhippet as they discuss everything related to camcorders.

Zooming capability of a DSLR camera VS a Camcorder

For the vast range of zooming capability, DSLR cameras have been the most popular video cameras. Lenses used in a DSLR camera are way better than that of a camcorder. You can use and change different ranges of lenses for a DSLR camera while it is almost impossible for a camcorder to change their lenses. Fixed lenses are used in a camcorder. Thus a camcorder may not have the needed zooming capability you need. On the other hand, a DSLR camera can do your work more efficiently.


In this race of taking clear audio with the audio recorder, a camcorder can do a better job than a DSLR camera. There is a little efficient audio capturing device in a camcorder that helps to capture good quality audio than a DSLR camera. Wind noises are being recorded while capturing videos with a DSLR camera.

If you want the high quality audio capturing system, you need to use a separate audio recorder for both cameras because neither can record quality and professional audio while shooting videos.

Handling and maintenance

As you have a DSLR camera or a camcorder, it is important to know all about their maintenance. A camcorder is easier than a DSLR camera to handle. In case of a DSLR camera, there are too many gears to handle at a time- the lenses, camera, tripod, and many other things. If you are on a trip with your DSLR camera, you have to pack all the gear inside your backpack. Its lenses are way more heavy than other equipment. On the contrary, it is more convenient to handle a camcorder. You can take your camcorder with you anywhere you need.

Besides, a DSLR camera’s size is also bigger than a camcorder.

Quality of images and videos they capture

In case of the quality of images, a DSLR must beat a camcorder due to its greater zooming capability. High definition (HD) images can be taken with your DSLR camera whereas a camcorder can take good videos but not images like a DSLR camera. Moreover, as there is an option to replace camera lenses of a DSLR camera, clear and HD quality images are the output of a DSLR camera.

For videos, we will prefer a camcorder than a DSLR camera. There are a few reasons for our choice. To shoot with a camcorder, you don’t need a lot of equipment like lenses, tripod. But if you want to shoot videos with your favorite DSLR camera, you will be needed them all. Otherwise, you will end up capturing a shaky video at last.

Ease of use (DSLR VS Camcorder)

Using a DSLR camera may be daunting if you are utterly new. There are so many options in a DSLR camera to know before starting to shoot videos or still images. Conversely, it is easier to run a camcorder and record good videos even if you don’t have much experience in taking videos. But it does not mean that you cannot take images and videos with your DSLR camera. It will just take a few times as well and nothing else.

Price (DSLR VS Camcorder)

For both, if you want a good quality camera, you have to spend a little bit more than you are thinking. There is a saying that the more you add sugar, the more it will be sweeter. However, DSLR cameras are costlier than camcorders out there in the market. You may spend $250 to get a good camcorder while you might have to spend $450 to have a DSLR that can do better than a camcorder.

Our thoughts

If you want to shoot a high-quality HD type of video, you should go for a DSLR camera. The same conception is also applicable for capturing still images. Click here to learn more about camcorders. But a camcorder is easy to go and also takes good quality videos. A camcorder is more convenient than a DSLR camera while you will go for taking videos.