Learn How To Do Small Retail Business With Instagram


The ups and downs that a small business goes through can bring it down anytime. However, by creating awareness for your brand can help overcome those challenges and give your retail business a quick rise over other businesses. The secret is in finding a social media that has a high follow up and one that can help you grow first. Such social media is Instagram. All you need it to have is an Instagram business account.

You don’t have to shy away from Instagram because those whom you see there have big names. No, even small retail businesses are using this social media to do business. Next, since yours is a small business, chances are that many do not know you.

So, fill your details in your profile and add a clickable link to your site. You can now start creating posts that audience can love following. Finally, promote your brand so that people get to know them and buy. Shall we put all these tips under a microscope?

Create A Business Instagram Account

Yes, I’m talking of a business Instagram account (if you do not own one already), even if you have a personal one. Why? What is fit to post on your personal account is unfit for your business account, right?

See, you will not post selfies of yourself and friends on the campsite. That will not win you the relevant business audience.
The other tip is deciding on the name you shall be using (preferably the one on that relates to your business and matches your other social media platforms), and an appropriate photo. Then, stick to them. That is, avoid changing them now and then.

Include A Link To Boost Traffic To Your Site

While you are still working on your account, you also have an opportunity to add the link to your website on your Bio. So, immediately you have your full name and the description, it is time to add your link. This is the link that your audience will click on. Remember, this is the only place your audience have the privilege of clicking on your link. So, which is this link we are talking about?

Work On Your Bio

Anyone who sees your posts and fall in love with them will want to get more details about your business. This is an excellent opportunity to create awareness of your small retail business. So, let your bio have a good description of what your business is all about and how they can benefit from it.
Make it as compelling as possible but stay relevant and realistic. Keep it simple. I mean, tell your aspiring followers what your business is all about and what it deals with. And no, this not where you are selling products so avoid stuff that tries to persuade them to buy your products.
And before you know it, they will have hit the “follow” button.

Start Creating Posts

Instagram users will mostly post images, and this tends to be the reason why it was able to pull so many users in a day within a short time. In case you do not know, Instagram users, in one day, tend to be more than 500 million.

Research shows that most people prefer images, especially attractive images, over written content. I’m one of such people.

Bearing this in mind, start posting photos those will bring many audiences to your business. This will promote your business and create awareness. So, ensure that your pictures are detailed enough to make them valuable to the audience. To make that happen fast, use Popular Hashtags For Likes. How do you know the popular hashtags? Do detailed research to understand what the trending hashtags in your niche are.

Engage Your Followers

You need to create a good relationship with your followers by allowing a conversation to flow. Be sure to add a call to action so that the audience can be convinced to take a step. Alternatively, you can create some relevant but straightforward questions that can initiate a conversation with your audience.
Then, pay close attention to what your followers are saying. Be there to give feedback and answer any questions they have. Eventually, your small retail business will be making way up as well as creating more sales.

In summary, start making sales using your Instagram account today. The results are real!