Want To Design An Attractive Website? Keep These Things In Mind!


According to a report, 38% of users claim they would not explore and browse through a website that is unattractive and unpleasant.

A decently designed website is a worthy investment that can generate huge revenue for businesses. It is a nightmare for a web designer to receive negative feedback on their web design. Updating your website regularly is an important aspect to focus on. Apart from that, there are various minute, yet, imperative details that a web designing company should take seriously.

When designing a website, here are 5 things to avoid if you don’t want your website to go down the drain:

Avoid using multiple fonts

It is very easy for a website to lose its users in just a few seconds just by using tons of different fonts. Why? Because using various different font styles on your website makes it difficult for users to read. It also messes up the aesthetics of the website, making it look unprofessional and chaotic.
Instead of using multiple font styles, it is advised to use three, which is the ideal number of fonts to use. Also, the font size should neither be too big, nor too small. The sizes of the fonts should reflect how important each element of the website is. For instance, as taglines and titles are more notable than the body text, they are kept bigger to help users scan the content easily.

Avoid using colors in abundance

Colors tend to have powerful psychological impact that affect how a viewer views your brand. In case you are confused about how many colors to use, just like the font rule, a total of three colors are sufficient. It is better to keep the color scheme consistent throughout your website. If you are using a brand palette, you might use more colors, but balancing them well is the key.
Pro tip: Knowing what sort of feelings to convey to the visitors of your website can aid you in choosing the apt color scheme. Like, if you want to promote meditation, using a light and soothing color palette and avoiding loud and bright ones should be the idea.

Avoid utilizing unfit images

Images are more effective than text. But, having too many images on your website is straight off killjoy. It is imperative to use images impactfully. People tend to use large-file-size images when using limited number of images, which is equally annoying. You need to make sure that you stay away from using large images if you want your website to look professional. Use images that are visually attractive, are not pixelated, and are of high resolution. Also, remember that search engines are unable to read images, so don’t depend on them to convey your text.

Avoid showing pop-ups too early

Pop-ups are helpful, no doubt. They allow visitors to interact and engage with you and your website easily. But when they keep appearing on each page as soon as someone visits the website, it highly frustrates the visitor.
A wise thing to do is to time your pop-ups. Prevent the pop-up box from appearing until the visitor scrolls till the end of the page. This will decrease the bounce rate of your website with a significant number.

Avoid the laziness. Optimize for mobile as well!

57% of mobile users do not suggest websites that are not optimized according to the mobile. Majority of the people browse and prefer online shopping on their mobile devices. That said, people, of course, expect websites to offer them an excellent mobile experience. It is advised to invest properly in responsive design, while testing for efficient functionality as well.
Looks are not everything that matter. A fully functional mobile design goes a long way. Features like store locators, product search, service details, etc., enhance users’ attraction towards the website.

It is surprisingly simple to lose your visitors and customers to your competitors when you compromise with the a decent design. Failing to provide customer satisfaction is the last thing you would want to do if you want to see your website stand out. With every single decision related to design, ensure that you keep in mind what’s best for your visitors and strive to make the experience for them as pleasant as possible.