Managed VPS Services and Why It Is The Go-To Solution


No business today can survive in the highly competitive markets without investing in their online presence. The internet has become one of the primary defining factors for excellence today regardless of the area of specialty. Unfortunately, most businesses do not give the much-needed attention to the technical aspects required to ensure that all essential factors needed for a robust online presence are maintained. One of the largely ignored areas which are progressively receiving the much-needed attention is in web hosting solutions which anyone regardless of their technical know-how must understand.

Primarily, web hosting refers to the system of technologies required to be in place for a web page to be viewed over the internet. There are three main categories of web hosting packages namely shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting. Shared hosting just like the name suggests involves several websites sharing a single server with each struggling to have their distinct spaces which rely in complicated metrics. A dedicated server is unlike shared hosting whereby a single site owns the entire server and can manipulate it for their own good. Finally is VPS or Virtual Private Server which makes use of the latest technology to give each website a virtual server that can manage all the current user demands.

Increasingly, more businesses are embracing VPS solutions as unlike shared hosting they eliminate any potential problems when it comes to ensuring that a website has zero downtime. This is primarily because the virtual servers are ingrained to work similar to dedicated servers with the advantages of lowered costs. A business that instantly upgrades to a Virtual Private Server gives their clients a competitive online presence and taking a step to a higher operational level.

While a lot of web hosting companies have taken the initiative to give their clients all available options, when it comes to VPS solutions remains an undisputed leader in managed hosting. The cutting-edge packages availed by the company are full featured, high spec, and include 100% fully managed server admin staff. Small companies which do not want to stretch their spending can start small and grow to a dedicated package for their evolving requirements. Larger businesses alike can go for a customized package that is able to cater to all their existing traffic and potential growth.

A winning factor for having a managed VPS hosting is the freedom to upgrade anytime to cater for business growth. It does not take rocket science to understand that the larger the server specs, the better a website will perform especially with increased traffic. A VPS package is as such not a solution to be held within a limited period but one which a business will maintain for years. Since it operates in the cloud, the upgrades will be free from any DB migration issues or downtime which is complemented by the Solid State Drives (SSD) which have superfast performances. For a business, this means getting ahead of all other competitors in all aspects including their web presence.