The Graphics World


We are in a world of graphics where everything is in colors, shapes, and patterns, the aim of every artist and graphic designer is to create something perfect and pleasing to the eye. However, with bare hands it is slower and often difficult to create patterns that are consistent and accurate, on such fact, humans have to rely on the use of computers to create ever accurate patterns. Another aspect of the graphic design world is graphic cutting; patterns are cut from one material and pasted on another with strong adhesive, examples of graphic cutting are sticker cutting, vinyl cutting, etc. also doing this manually with bare hands takes time.

There are various digital image formats; PNG, JPG, SVG, etc. each is useful for various purposes. But when it comes to graphics tracing or cutting jobs, SVG is the required image format.

SVG Cutting Files

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics; it is highly resizable while maintaining its graphics quality. This is why the graphics cutting profession has adopted it as the standard graphics file for cutting jobs. Any image type graphic file is either a rasterized image or vector image; rasterized images are made up of zillion tiny colored square box that is accurately arranged beside or below each other, with good graphic design software you can actually zoom-in on each pixel. One major disadvantage of rasterized images is that you can only shrink the image, enlarging it will make it blur and lose graphics quality. Vector images, on the other hand, can be enlarged and reduced to any length without it losing it losing picture quality.

Apart for being the ideal file format for cutting jobs, SVG is the standard file format for displaying vector graphics on the web; it has got its own navigable DOM, highly style-able, can be animated and is fully responsive. An SVG image is relatively small in size compared to other image formats, the reason being that it is being drawn anytime it is rendered on device screens.

Graphics Cutting Machine

Graphics cutting machines are computer guided machines that are used to cut out shape and pattern from materials. A vector file such as SVG file is loaded onto a computer and the cutting machine is connected via USB cables or via a wireless network, an instruction is sent from the computer to the cutting machine and the cutting process begins. These machines are well known for their accuracy and precisions and they also perform faster, thus ideal for industrial graphics cutting i.e. production in large quantity.

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