Top 6 Wappalyzer Alternatives


Wappalyzer is an open-source platform that can collect data from a variety of extensions anonymously. The data that gets collected helps users gain insights into the patterns found within the source code of a variety of websites.

It helps identify the technologies used on various websites to help businesses better analyze the technology a site uses in all industries from accounting to widgets. While Wappalyzer is one of the leaders in this technology, there are plenty of Wappalyzer alternatives that offer the same services.


Webspotter is a database that helps customers find ways to generate new leads through an analysis of the technology used on various websites. The site will create charts to help you analyze which sites are making the largest market share. Also which businesses can use to determine where they might best find their niche in the market.

They monitor these sites and give data so companies can develop their investment strategies that will fit their growth needs and business goals.

Built With

The Built With platform helps users see what languages, tools, and widgets are in use to help businesses generate leads and grow their sales. They have a database of almost 30,000 websites that users can access to help build lists to generate sales leads.

The software is straightforward to use, and users can even filter the results by the desired parameters they need for their individual business needs.

What users get is the ability to look at market analysis so businesses can figure out key market areas where their business services might be useful for consumers. Customers can identify their competition and figure out where they might be able to grab some of the market shares of business for their own company.

What Runs

This software uses extensions that businesses can use through Google Chrome or Firefox to help look at the specific technology websites are using. The company prides itself on being able to identify the most recent technology and plugins to keep their customers at the forefront of the market.
The benefit of being able to stay on top of the latest technology means that customers can be as competitive as possible. They do not miss out on the newest trends, which can give them an advantage over competing businesses.

Similar Tech

As another Wappalyzer alternative, Similar Tech is another technical analysis tool that businesses can use to see where they might be able to find new customers for their business. Their analytics can be used to provide customers with data from three different areas.

Like the other products, they can find the technologies being used, and the software is also able to help businesses track that technology through a variety of categories as well. This allows the customer to cast a wide net across the web to look for new customers and markets where their services will be needed.

Firefox Lightbeam

This is an add-on for Firefox that helps users find connections between third-party sites and the sites they visit. The relationships between the sites are valuable at generating needed leads to see new areas to grow and market their business.

When you use Lightbeam and visit a site, the add-on starts to create a graph that shows all the third parties that are on the page as well. When a user continues to browse the software builds more information into the chart until the user has an extensive list of all the connections. These connections can be saved and accessed at a later time to help find areas and sites that would be beneficial.


Coming last on our list of Wappalyzer alternatives, CubDomain is used by clients to check basic website statistics. It also will review the Whois Record, and had access to web traffic generated by Alexa. It will give a list of domains registered by date and provides users with a list of all the websites that were analyzed. It is up to the user to determine where they might fit into the mix.

ClubDomain helps users see the third party traffic to sites that they visit and the technology that is being used by the sites. They do not store the information or modify it in any way. It is up to the user to determine how best to use the information provided.


All these alternatives are viable options to the Wappalyzer extension. With these tools, users can analyze trends and see how these trends would best fit their own needs.