Top 5 SEO Metrics You Need To Track in 2019


The digital marketing space keeps getting competitive with each passing day. It has experienced more users whose interests and behaviors are continuously changing. Search engine algorithm is more contextual instead of being driven by keywords.

The types of devices used by online visitors play a major role in the dynamic nature of digital marketing. This development won’t slow down anytime soon as the number of smartphone users is increasing. Websites with AMP (accelerated mobile page) tend to load faster and are more recognized by search engines.

The digital marketing landscape has been evolving exponentially since AI became mainstream. It’s not surprising that SEO trends are never static. This is the main reason why many business owners choose an enterprise SEO company that can deliver the result. Tracking these 5 key SEO metrics will help your business to thrive in 2019.

1. Measuring the quality of your traffic
Brands invest their resources in attracting the right audience. Your traffic and conversion rate is bound to increase once you connect with the right audience. Apart from that, it will be easier to get more page views and lower bounce rates.

2. Keywords performance and site ranking
It’s imperative to track your website ranking. Without mincing words, your SEO and keyword performance will affect your website’s position on Google page. Serious business owners constantly monitor the keywords and phrases that are commonly used during searches. Ensure that you carry out keyword research and adopt best practices before launching your website.

You should also check to ensure your key phrases have the location and other descriptive terms to make the users’ search more precise and useful. Take note of the best and worst performing keywords when taking this step. This will help you to refine your SEO strategy and marketing plan. Consider investing in SEO keyword tracker to guarantee accurate results. They will reveal how your keywords are targeted and performing over time.

3. Track your site conversions
You have to track and discover the point where your highest conversions are coming from. An increase in conversion rate indicates that your SEO strategy is effective. Optimal conversions will result in an optimum return on invests.

4. Monitor the loading speed of a page
Internet users are impatient and a website that takes ages to load will have a high bounce rate. Check whether your website loads in 2 seconds or even faster. You can use tools like Quick Sprout or Pingdom to check your website speed by just inputting the URL and clicking submit.

These speed checks should be done on your website’s landing page and other important pages. The bottom line is that they should load in just 2-3 seconds.

5. Track your page and domain authority
The combination of important metrics like Mozrank and Moztrust can all indicate the competitiveness of your website. Websites that command reasonable page authority often rank higher on Google. Your domain authority should rank up to 35 before it can be properly ranked by search engines.