How to Grow Your Authority as a Designer


Becoming discovered as a web designer on the internet is not as plausible as it was 10 years ago.

The online market has since been flooded with tough competition and free platforms for business owners to design websites themselves. The internet is supposed to be a lucrative tool for designers, and it will be painful if you expect clients to discover all the hard work you’ve put into your portfolio.

You might never get a call.

This is why it’s critical to grow your web authority as a designer. Instead of waiting to show your work, you can create opportunities for yourself by standing out among competition.

Growing authority as a designer is all about knowing how to bring attention to your service. With the right methods, you’ll be able to get seen on popular websites and search platforms. Instead of worrying whether anyone will ever notice your work, try these strategies.

Get Active on Question and Answer Sites

Question/answer sites allow people to network with individuals and professionals in just about any field. Often users with questions have a problem with a tech device or need advice about using a specific program.

Tech and design professionals have a great opportunity to make their knowledge known through this platform by responding to questions. If a new graphic designer is struggling with a program you are fluent in, you’ll easily be able to advise them.

Make sure your profile is updated with your current contact information. Plug your website, social media handles, and credentials at the bottom of your answer, too. If you’re not sure how to make this natural, always sign off on a general statement about your services:

“I hope this answered your question! I’m a designer, so if you need any more help, feel free to contact me through my website at ___.”

Networking might not be natural to you, but it’s critical for getting more attention online. Your expert knowledge gives the asker a reason to check out what else you know about web design.

If your answer works for many users, it will be upvoted and rise above other answers – aim for #1. This way, more people will see your advice and visit your website.

Gain Upvotes on Reddit

Dubbed “the front page of the internet,” Reddit is one of the most commonly visited websites on the internet for news, entertainment, and advice.

There are several Subreddits specific to web design, graphic design, etc. Subscribing to these Subreddits and answering user questions on the forum is a great way to access more users. You’re opening yourself up to a wide audience from around the world that could benefit from your expertise.

Start by commenting on posts and acquainting yourself with the community. See how other designers use the Subreddit to interact with users and think of ways you can build upon their tactics.

Any new user to the thread will see the highest upvoted posts and comments first, so you need to gain upvotes if you want a larger audience for your business.

If you’re struggling to gain attention on Reddit, you can buy upvotes to increase your visibility on relevant Subreddits. A viral campaign through upvoting is a great way to give other users reasons to trust your input. Upvotes equal credibility, just like followers, likes, and subscriptions. It will make you more known in the community and direct traffic to your business.

Don’t Be Afraid to Branch Out!

Interacting online is intimidating for those who aren’t used to communicating with other users on forums like Quora or Reddit.

But these platforms are useful tools that can make you a sought-after web designer.

Instead of wishing others will come to you, your hard work will bring you the sales and clients you’ve always hoped for.