Three Things Your Business Needs in January to Have a Successful 2019


It’s the New Year all around the world. Time for resolutions and goal setting, especially if you want to have a successful 2019. Some type of game plan or playbook is necessary for your business so that you can keep your eye on the prize.

To help you with this, we’ve come up with our top three things to do in January that will set the tone for a successful 2019.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Is yours good to go?

If you doubted, or didn’t know what SEO meant, don’t despair. In essence, it’s a way to improve website traffic. Although it’s more complex than that when you really look into it, that’s a great, simple explanation. If you don’t know where your business stands as far as SEO, companies like Dominate with SEO have you covered.

Ideally, your SEO company can do all or some of the following for you:

– Rank your website high in search
– Generate leads for your business
– Digital marketing so that you have a one-stop shop
– Content development (again, one-stop shop)

One of the biggest issues with company websites is that they look good, but they don’t convert. It’s imperative that the company working with you knows the right keywords and analytics so that they can help you convert from your site.

It’s no use having a good site if it’s not working for you. Is it making you money? Is it generating leads? If the answer is no, it’s time to optimize your SEO.

Re-read Your Copy. Is it attracting you?

Likely, you started your business because you saw a need. You’re passionate about it and know this is a product that makes things better. The question is, have you conveyed this passion to your audience? And most importantly, who is your audience?

Once you’ve determined your audience, it’s vital that you’re speaking their language. Meaning, the language that will attract their heart to get what you’re selling. This is where copy comes in.

Good copy is important. When writing your own copy or approving copy for your services or website, ask yourself questions along the lines of:

– Is it too aggressive for my audience?
– Is it too passive?
– Am I conveying what I want?
– Does it show my passion?
– Will it convert?

Flush out some of these questions and write some copy (or have your SEO company write it for you). After it’s set, read the draft. If you’re not your product’s audience, then get input from your audience and ask them what they think. This can be painful, but useful. If they don’t find the value in the copy, time to revisit.

The copy of your site is the bread to your butter for people first encountering your product. Say it right and keep them engaged.

Keep it Up. Consistently revisit the two needs above

You’re the boss and you have a full plate. This is true for many business owners. However, as important as it is to set your goals, it is just as important to revisit them. You want to know how they’re doing and what’s working (and not working). If you wait another 12 months to revisit, you may have missed some golden opportunities. Set a cadence that works for you to check up on your SEO and copy, or assign someone to check up on it.

These are our three things your business needs in January to have a successful 2019. Start this month and follow through the rest of the year. At the end of the year, re-evaluate, improve, and revisit. Here’s to 2019!