5 Methods for Getting More Views on Your YouTube Videos


There’s no doubting the exposure YouTube can offer, with its billions of both loyal and casual users, but there’s also an awful lot of competition for those viewers – and to grab a decent share of the market takes planning, strategy, imagination and effort.

If you are ready to take up the challenge then keep reading, as we have put together some information on five methods which can help you increase your YouTube video view count.

Method #1 – Work on getting people to notice you
The best way is to boost your SEO ranking, by creating titles which have good keywords, write an interesting description, use tags properly, and choose a good thumbnail image. If you need advice or guidance on any of these things there are tons of free tutorials around online.

Method #2 – Give people something worth viewing
Hopefully nobody sets out to promote poor content, but even a great concept can struggle if it is say badly lit or the sound is poor. Content also needs to have the hook early on – to draw people in a keep them watching. It’s way too easy to simply click and close you down, so give viewers something they cannot turn away from.

Aim for content which adds value to a viewer’s life, whether that’s in the form of a few minutes of laughter, or sharing some information they can make use of. This is what encourages sharing and subscribing, and the potential for many more views. Some people advise jumping on anything that goes viral to benefit from the existing interest, which is a good idea if something which is trending fits your typical content style, but don’t force it otherwise or you could just be left looking weird!

Method #3 – Form alliances with others
Carving out some space to work with others brings lots of benefits, and there’s plenty of scope. You could host guest vloggers, connect to those doing something similar or complementary to yourself, or work with influencers to stay ahead of the competition. All of these people have their own networks to tap into, and add value to your channel.

Method #4 – Add an end screen
This is a screen of information which your viewers will see before they are shown suggestions of other people’s videos. Use it as a way to share information on your work, channel, playlists, website and so on. You can add them via the Video Manager button/End Screens.

Method #5 – If all else fails ….. buy them
This isn’t really something to seriously consider unless you are doing it as kind of emergency boost to be followed up with a well-prepared campaign for generating genuine views.

Apart from it costing you money – and you will need to look beyond the very cheapest offers to help as they tend to do more harm than good by using bots – people paid to watch usually hit and run. Real viewers are at least likely to comment, interact, follow, or give you a thumbs up, and it is this that helps boost your ranking position. If you’re interested in buying subscribers then something like this can help.